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February 28, 2009

series: cloth.
(images from: ruffles. pleats. lace. eyelet.)

so next week will not be the normal daily schedule of inspire: lovely, link love, photograph, and lovely goods. instead i'll be featuring posts of pictures and inspiration of some of my favorite notions and techniques in fashion: lace, ruffles, crochet, cut out (laser cut), and pleats.

i had a lot of fun searching for items related to these categories, and i hope you enjoy them! see you monday. happy saturday!

series: cloth.



February 27, 2009

congrats: to katie!

a while ago i posted a 'must share' when i received my order from made by hank. the packaging, my favorite, and the product was so lovely! it was one of those things that you just had to grab your camera and take a picture of it.


i later received an amazing custom made banner from katie. (shown above in picture) and i was so excited this morning when i saw that she is etsy's featured seller this week! i feel like i know someone famous ;) when you look at her packaging and all her attention to detail, it is no wonder why she is so fabulous.

congrats: to katie!

be sure to check out her shop as it's stocked with lots of her lovely signature bags, and they probably won't last long since she sells out super quick! everyone wants to own a made by hank bag!

anyway, i just wanted to say congrats to katie and if you haven't heard of her yet, be sure to stop by for some fabulous inspiration.

ruffles. crochet. cut out. pleats. lace:


series: cloth.

hello friends! i just wanted to let you know that next week i'll be featuring a collection of images and inspiration related to fashion...some of my favorite things! i'll be posting more information about it tomorrow so be sure to check back. have a lovely weekend!

( lovely goods )


( lovely goods )

so this week's lovely goods all contain items that have to do with the special series for next week... just to get you ready :)

1. Crocheted Bracelet - Bold Little Floozy by GrandmaWasAFloozy, $16
2. Pink Multi Ruffle Curtain Panels by land of nod, $29-$39
3. bird cut armoire by anthropologie, $1898
4. macbook pro sleeve by freeze, €58.99
5. little baker print of original drawing by irenasophie, €16
6. POUCH - Antique style French Lace and Vintage Key by shupg, €29
7. White Lace 4 piece Magnet Set by HuntersHideaway, $8

( photograph )


February 26, 2009


beautiful photos by jacqleen bleu.
they make me want to travel everywhere and take lovely photos ;)
order a print here.

( link love )


February 25, 2009

( link love )

today's link love features FONTS! i am a big fan of fonts. i think they are so essential in design. they really can make or break design. we had to take a couple typography classes in school, it was one of my favorite classes..next to packaging of course. the projects were fun because the emphasis was of course, fonts! anyway.. i've recently come across some great blogs and sites with free fonts and i thought i'd share some. free is always nice. be sure to check out these sites for lots of great fonts.

♥ diesel, misprintedtype.com.
designer Eduardo Recife at misprinted type is an inspiration. i love the artwork and all the fonts he offers. check out his site.

♥ pablo, bellaandedward.com.
i love the feel of this font.

♥ fling let, fonts101.com.
i really love this script!
(found through haley's lovely blog, bread of many.)

♥ JFFerrule, fontstock.net.

♥ geronto bis, smeltery.net.
be sure to check out the other free fonts available on this site.
(found through a wonderful blog, idiy)

i also came across this site, kevin and amanda, where she offers LOTS of free fonts that people submit to her and she turns them into fonts. what a way to offer inspiration and creativity. check our her amazing site! :)

night owl paper goods:


February 24, 2009

just wanted to share a quick sale with you all that's going on at night owl paper goods. they're having a 5 hour sale on all thank you cards, ending at 2:00 pm central standard time. so if you need to thank some people, say it with wood or letterpress! i love all the products and design from this company. i also did a search for savings codes and found a 20% off deal from paula at two ellie: enter foxy. there is another at the poppytalk handmade market, poppy2009 will get you 20% off too! needless to say, i am stocked for life on thank you cards now ;)



so i said i'd post pics of the book that nicholas made me, so here it is! it was made entirely out of construction paper, he was super proud and now has a new found love for it. he thinks it is the best and that everything should be made with construction paper. ;) anyway, it was super sweet. it basically was a book of all the things we were doing throughout the day.

book made by nicholas: front.
front cover..

book made by nicholas: page one.
the morning started with crepes. he brought me a strawberry nutella chocolate crepe from a local place nearby that we like to eat crepes at. he made the table and eiffel tower pop up and plates and everything. it was cute.

book made by nicholas: page two.
the second page was a penguin, and then it flipped with a mask (didn't take a picture of it) but it was supposed to represent phantom of the opera, the show we saw.

book made by nicholas: page three.
then we went to dinner at this restaurant on the beach. he had heard of it from his friend, and it was really nice. it was right on the sand... the food was good.

book made by nicholas: page four.
then he planned to to our favorite park..so this is supposed to represent the park and since he wasn't sure if it was going to rain, he made this slide down part under the clouds..

book made by nicholas: page four and a half.
that shows rain, my favorite!

book made by nicholas: pop up!
so after i flipped the page of the park, i flipped this page up which was supposed to be a laptop, his plan was to go watch a movie at the park on his laptop. we ended up being pretty tired because it took 2 hours to get back from la after the show in the traffic so we just went home. heh.

it was a fun day though. and i loved the book. it was pretty detailed and legit with the pop ups and everything, i was impressed. his cousin joked that his art school education really paid off. haha.



hi friends! so i'm back from missouri. lovely trip. nick's family is big into wrestling. i've never really known much about it, but this weekend i watched a lot of wrestling, so i'd say i'm a pro now ;) we're talking like, hours upon hours of endless matches. but it was fun! it's a pretty exciting sport. loosing is no fun at all, and winning is the best feeling ever. the only hard thing i'd say about wrestling is that it's all individual, so if you loose, it hits hard. if you loose, you go home. the survival of the best is really all it comes down to.. sad to say, nick's brother didn't take home any medals, but he is top 8 in the state which i'd say is pretty darn cool. and actually, he had a couple bad calls from the ref, which probably caused him to loose. it was such a bummer. but we'll probably be back next year for his senior year. and i'm gonna say he will take 1st. well that's enough about that. here are some pics.. okay, so i only took a total of 36 pictures the entire trip! sad bear.

missouri trip: little buidlings.
i liked these old looking shops.

missouri trip: university.
university of missouri.

missouri trip: wrestling.
wrestling.. there were 8 matches going on at the same time. intense intense! nick's mom said they've been to one where there were 24 matches all in the stadium, now that's legit.

missouri trip: funny chinese food place.
old taco bell turned chinese food restaurant. classy, haha.

missouri trip: hospital.
hospital where nicholas was born!

missouri trip: sunset.
coming home to the sunrise.

inspire: lovely.


February 23, 2009


inspired by: lovely.
this week's inspire: lovely comes from my flickr
favorites and contacts. (click the + for links)

knack studios +

simply photo +

elsiecake +

lifelovepaper +

koreana +

perfect bound +

j <> y <> e +

*etoile* +

Picture 7
alex the girl +

mrs. french +



February 20, 2009

objects: 1.

some things sitting on my desk.

hope you have a ♥ly weekend, friends.

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February 19, 2009

( photograph )

photos by coeurenbois.

so inspirational.
i couldn't find any other info except their deviantart account.

trip to missouri:


travel: my favorite thing!

did i mention that i'm going to missouri to visit nick's family? yep! his little brother wrestles and made it to state! it'll be lots of fun quality family time. my bags are packed and we're off! i'll still be posting the usual daily's though. and here i am, getting ready to leave and still blogging, because it is so hard to part from you dear friends!

so i really love shopping at thrift stores. i also like having lots of pockets in my purse. like little cubbys or compartments to store everything. i found this brown printed bag at a thrift store and was like, score! it has about 7 pockets and zipper compartments., it's the best. only now i find when i put something like my phone in a pocket, it is never consistent, so i end up going through all of the compartments over and over again before i actually find an item i need. ha ;)

the other item i found recently is this awesome wood apple box, so lovely to store all my little treasures and only $3 dollars!

and that is the end of this entry. i'll be posting the pictures of the book nicholas made so come back soon if you want to see something pretty adorable.

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February 18, 2009

( link love )

this week's link love include some nifty little gadgets.

♥ polaroid mirror, design boom.
a unique and neat little polaroid mirror, designed by colin o'dowd. $29 bucks.

♥ plane hostel, jumbo hostel.
this is pretty cool, it's a jet hostel! only 25 rooms are available, and it's really expensive. but still a cool idea. (found via black eiffel)

♥ protect your lunch, anti-theft lunch bags.
pretty genius. (found via free people blog)

♥ get your gmail stickers, google.
you know if send a sase to google, they'll send you some awesome stickers! and who doesn't love stickers??

giveaway coming soon:


February 17, 2009

i'm very excited that a new giveaway at oh, hello friend is coming soon! 10 super lovely and generous sponsors are lined up.. here are some items from each of their shops. can you guess whose shops they are? well, sorry for the suspense but i will be announcing the shops and the prizes in about a week. be sure and check back!




so i had a nice weekend! started off in the morning with nicholas bringing over a book he made for me, entirely out of construction paper... each page had the 'surprise' we were doing for the day. i'll probably post pictures later. some of it was pop up, some of it had moving parts - i was super impressed. ;)

my mom got us phantom of the opera tickets since it was here for a month at the pantages theater, in hollywood. so my little bro and his gf went, along with nick and i. we were in row c, right in the middle! it was pretty awesome, i've never been so close! phantom has always been a family favorite of ours, it is such a timeless classic with simply amazing music. thank you andrew lloyd webber! anyway, i'm really glad nick appreciates it as well.

vday: a love book.
here's the book he made me.

vday: phantom of the opera.
the curtain + statue in the theater, this is actually a pretty creepy statue.

vday: phantom of the opera.
the orchestra, i wonder what'd it be like to play in an orchestra. so amazing!

vday: phantom of the opera.
the ceiling in this theater is definitely legit.

vday: phantom of the opera.
so bummed - they're not doing the old school letters, they just stick a big banner across the sign now instead. note: my slip is actually showing, classy danni, classy. why did no one tell me this? punks.

vday: phantom of the opera.
such a cutie pie!

well, that is about all. he took me to dinner later that night, it was really all we had time for considering it took us about 2 hours to get back to orange county in the traffic. i am not a fan of traffic. but we ate at this nice restaurant that was on the beach, it was lovely. i hope you all had nice weekends..update me about how yours went!

inspire: lovely.


February 16, 2009


inspired by, lovely:
photographs. art. fashion.
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china town photo by livy +

illustration +

lovely pottery +

flower chain, cursive design +

Linkaqua and red ring +

photo of where i want to be +
(via dream everyday and yellow goat)

jodie hurt art +

old vintage payphone +

kari herer photography +

umbrella photograph +