modern economy sale:

September 10, 2009

hello friends. don't meant to tempt your wallet but i just couldn't resist letting you know about the modern economy online sample sale with up to 80% off certain things! now's your chance to get some lovely items by some amazing artists.

sara paloma's pottery is half off! (almost gone!) , really cute notepads + pillows by mateo ilasco, lovely ceramics from rae dunn and AMAZING paper goods from jill bliss, good on paper, and my personal favorite: oh joy! the $10 and under section is my fav.

it started yesterday (totally forgot about it till just now) but there's a TON of amazing stuff left! needless to say my bank account is a little more empty today. ;)

if you buy anything, let me know what you got! ;) sale ends 9.11 at 9am!

7 hello's:

  1. oh noooooo, danger for my pockets!!! *eep!*

  2. (and stationary is my weakness! good lord.....)

  3. oh no! i'm probably too late. i'm hopping over there to see what i can find!

  4. Thank you for reminding me. I had gotten an e-mail and forgot. I just ordered the to do list and weekly list that I had been wanting from mateo ilasko for only $5 each, yay!

  5. Oooh a sale! I am so excited. Christmas shopping time!

  6. yay! I ordered the boodalee circus pillow, the pink everyday studio shirt and tie (for my pooch!) and a set of mateo i.'s thank you cards! so excited!! thanks again for the info (:

  7. i do love a good sale!
    I just started a project with wood grained paper similar to those ceramic tags shown there. Very nice!



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