hello diy / Message in a bottle:


February 22, 2012

I love messages! Especially tiny note messages! I thought this would be something fun to make for a friend going out of town, or a loved one to have while away. Here's a fun and easy diy for your winter crafting afternoon! I made this with vintage wallpapers but it can be easily swapped with any holiday-related paper as well (ie: Christmas/Valentine's Day/Easter/etc)

Here's what you need:

- Fun pattern papers (mine are a mix of vintage wallpaper + papersource)
- Bottle (got these from specialty bottle)
- Jewelry rings (mine are from Michaels)
- Twine
- Label paper
- Scissors
- Small Box to wrap bottle

First, cut strips of paper. I used vintage wallpapers and floral/map prints. I hand wrote some messages, and typed some with a typewriter.

Roll up your little note, then place jewelry ring around the note!

You can write however many notes you want that person to have.

Now place the notes in bottle.

Print out a label for the bottle. You can write whatever message you'd like on the label. Then place label on bottle.

Wrap the twine around your bottle. This is optional, I just added it for decoration :)

Place some tissue paper in your gift box and place message bottle in box.

I also printed a wrap around label out. Place label on box and tie with twine!

A fun little gift idea, any recipient would be lucky to receive!

Punch Box Notes:


February 7, 2012

Friends, some of you may know I am a big fan of notes. Notes that come in any form, any shape, any size. So I immediately fell in love with these sweet punch boxes from Lea Redmond. I'm sure you've heard of Lea, she's done a super awesome collaboration with Chronicle Books and is the creator of the Worlds Smallest Post Service. I actually met Lea at Renegade LA and it was such an honor to meet her, she is definitely someone who thinks outside the box.

So when she emailed me about these amazing Handmade Punch Boxes, I knew I'd immediately love them. Handmade?! What? I know. I was so impressed with the construction and quality - the front + back are letterpressed! So you simply punch with a pencil and out pops your note!

I love how novelty these sweet punch boxes are. It reminds me a little of the price is right "punch" game or something! (That is one of my favorite games! haha)  Love that you get to 'punch' through and your little note comes out. They are actually based off a vintage 1920's punch box. They did make some great stuff back then. Isn't it great that Lea has found a creative way make a fun version for others to enjoy?

These would be a perfect gift for a certain someone for Valentine's Day! They also can come with custom messages which is pretty great too. Lea has kindly put together a list of tips and creative ideas for how to write fantastic scroll messages for your own custom punch box. Make your messages personal and particular to your relationship with the person it is for. 

1) Recall a memory of a moment with her or him.
2) Start your message with: "This is a coupon, good for..."
3) Use just one word. A favorite food? A special object that makes you think of her? The emotion you feel when you are with him?
4) An inside joke.
5) A quotation from a favorite book.
6) A url to something fun to see or watch online.
7) Your phone number.
8) Your favorite cheesy pick-up line.
9) The place or situation in which you met.
10) See the "Sweet Words" scrolls for additional ideas

These fabulous little punch boxes are limited edition, so be sure to order one today. 
Lea has also mentioned that boxes are guaranteed to arrive in time for Valentine's Day! :)

Notes / Book of notes for Abby:


February 2, 2012

I met Abby at one of my good friend's weddings. She was a sweetheart. A few months later, my friend told me Abby was having a hard time with her parents divorce. My parents got divorced when I was really young too. Actually, I can barely remember a time we were a real family. So I sent Abby a little book of (encouragement) notes. The time when you're young and growing up is so hard and things that happen with family really make an impact. I just wanted to reach out to Abby and tell her it would be okay.

At the end I put some stamps and some extra cards in case Abby wanted to write back. These are so much fun to make because they're pretty easy and it is nice to actually write for a change. (Taking notes at Alt Summit in my notebook, my hand started cramping after a few minutes, haha)

Who can you write some encouragement notes to today?

ps: here are some other notes that have been
written if you need some other inspiration:

notes for mac:


December 5, 2011

Sadly, we don't have too much holiday going on around here. Things are just so busy with craft shows and shipping orders from the shops, I just can't seem to find the time. Found these images in my archives and thought I'd share them with you .. I made this a couple months ago, and it could easily be switched to a holiday theme and make a great little gift for a friend or loved one.

You know I love notes. I especially love writing and giving notes. Making these little book-of-notes is a lot of fun. So a few months ago at Renegade LA, I met Mac. He's the son of a blog friend - Nora. Mac is probably one of the coolest high schoolers I know. He is super fun, creative, and sweet. So when Nora invited me over to their house for tea, I knew I had to bring something! I made Mac a card filled with notes and little surprises, including a bow-tie. I'm honored Mac thought it was cool and even wore the bow-tie too! Here are some shots of the book that was made especially for Mac.

Have you left a note for someone you love lately?

and in case you missed it, here's a recap of other note-books I've made in the past :) Maybe I'll try making a holiday one and post it up to share.

Notes for Nicholas:


October 18, 2011

Nicholas often has to work late at his job. (we're talking over 12 hour days sometimes!) A couple months ago, he was working late all week and so I made him some encouraging notes, to help through those long nights. It is so funny because a reader, Torrie, actually just commented last Friday about wanting to see some more 'book of notes' posts, so this post is for you Torrie! ;)

So unlike the other book I made Nicholas, this one was only one page. I included a couple little notes, a bible verse, a music playlist (that I made him online) and some other misc things.

What about you? Is there someone that may need some encouragement in your life? Make them a book of notes! It's really simple, and lots of fun. You just need paper, and maybe a printer if you want to print anything out. Just let me know if you need any pointers/tips ;)

notes / Magnet Button Messages:


September 29, 2011

Sometimes it's nice to leave little notes around. I'm a big fan of notes, as you may know :) So I had a thought to do a little magnet message board of notes, with numbers for 1 note a day or something. Your notes can be anything - encouragement or positive message. It's a simple project, here's how to do it!


- Fabric
- Cover Button Kit (kit can be purchased here)
- Magnets (I used neodymium magnets, can be purchased here)
- Iron on paper
- Glue
- Paper

Cut out circles that are about 2.5" in diameter. It just needs to be about a quarter inch larger than the button. Print out numbers on the iron on paper and iron on a number on each circle. *note: numbers are completely optional. This can be made entirely without numbers.

Once all your circles are cut out, you can start making the button. Start with the rubber button mold. Place a your circle piece of fabric, then the button shell. Push both into the mold, then tuck in the fabric. Place the silver backing and push again. Then simply pop out your button from the mold!

Now cut out circles from your paper and write messages on them. I did some circles, and some strips of paper that they'd have to open up.

Next, place some glue on the back of the button. Place your paper message and add another dot of glue for the magnet.

So when they pull a button, they can read a special message each day!