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May 28, 2008

oh, hello friend accepts any/all submissions related to all things lovely. I do receive quite a few emails in a day but will try my best to respond to each email. I do apologize if I am unable to respond to your email though!

oh, hello friend features include diy and craft projects, creative and home inspiration, art, handmade goods, photography, fashion, and design. If you have something for submission that you feel would be a good fit on the blog, please email me! Please be sure to include SUBMISSION in the subject field so I know what type of inquiry you are making.

Please see our advertisement page for information on advertising with oh, hello friend.

If you just want to drop a general note, comment, complaint, please email me. General/design questions can also be submitted via formspring.

Though I am honored you would want something designed, I am currently not taking on any new design projects at this time.

I love snail mail! If you'd like to write me or send something my way, write to oh, hello friend at: Danni Hong / Po Box 1134 / La Habra / CA / 90631

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  1. Did you make the floral bib necklaces? http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4055/4408989699_458564840a_o.jpg

  2. Hi Danni,

    Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you on my blog. I love the photography that you highlight on your blog and I used one of the artist's photos. Just gorgeous! Here's the address if you want to stop by. Thanks for all the lovely words and inspiration!


  3. Hi!

    I am just so curious if the Bagatelles & CO. giveaway was awarded?
    It is killing me:)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hello danni :)

    I'm a student from UCSD (well, graduating in a month) so I'm always excited to see you at vendor fair!

    Hope He continues to bless your endeavors and I'll definitely be reading your blog!

  5. I found your 101 in 1001 blog and just wanted to refer you to my page to credit you =)

    Love your style by the way! Keep up the great work.


  6. Hi just wanted to say you have a really lovely blog but mostly to send good wishes for your mum. My mother in law in recovering from leukemia (diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago) and it's a huge journey. Lots of ups and heaps of downs but just keep the positive thoughts going and i wish her all the best and hope for quick recovery.

    Sharon. x x

  7. hi, I'm a new convert to cyberspace. Was not interested in wasting my time on the internet.But over breakfast one morning I told my husband that I wished I could have an internet site with beautiful pictures & images together with inspiration from the word of God.What a stunning surprise to stumble across your lovely blog. I love the fact that you are so trendy & creative and that you also honour God.My husband, a part time musician has a site called Sharp Arrow music lounge.I am mother to 4 children aged 10,12,13 & 15.I love decor entertaining & beautiful creative things.Congtats on your wedding & please keep blessing us with your blog!
    Adia Sharp

    13 & 15 so

  8. Hello! I am a big fan of your products and am anxiously awaiting for your shop to pop back online! I found all of your goodies last December. I purchased a pair of dangle earrings and wishbone posts. I absolutely love them!

    So I am also participating in the giveaway this week! I really love the various stamps at Olive Manna, particularly the Enjoy stamp. I am a huge paper product fan...so this site is great! I mentioned the prize in my facebook post: http://www.facebook.com/aiwillia, and I am fan on facebook! I am crossing my fingers!! Cheers!

  9. ah, i love that we share the same name.

    and i've JUST discovered your blog, and love it. love that you involve supporting great non-profits and have such amazing ware involved in what you do.

    i couldn't access your e-mail (not sure why?) but i wanted to see about submissions! i have a card shop, www.danipress.com, that i'd love to be considered.
    let me know what you think as i'd definitely be in for giveaways!!

    thanks so much and thanks for creating such a stunning blog. it's BEAUTIFUL! xo.


  10. Awesome blog!!! I discovered it through the blogs of note and it is well deserved I must say! :D

    How did you design your blog so well?

    Check out my blog?

  11. I really love this blog!
    You make a lot of beautiful pictures. I also like your wedding pictures, and the 2 perspectives =D
    Im going to follow you!

  12. You and your blog is such inspiration. I am a moody blogger lately and reading your blog and see all the beautiful things and pics has motivated me.Thank you!:)

  13. I like your blog. Its beutiful

  14. hi danni!
    just wanted to let you know i have taken part in your 12 by 2012 project on my brand new blog! www.themuseofmine.blogspot.com
    thank you!

  15. Hi, I was just wondering which design program you use? something like photoshop or... I love your lay out and al the little bubbles with words!

  16. Hi!
    Do you have step by step directions for making the mini doiley printed bowl?


  17. Oh my god! I can't believe it!
    By the way, hi, I'm May Park. I almost forgot to say hi. You know what? I ran into your booth last Sunday at the Patchwork in Culver city. Actually I was not sure it's yours but just wondering how they have same name 'Oh , Hello Friend' like you. Now I found out it was same one! Am I right? I should said hi to you/staffs at the booth. What a miss! I'm a big fan of you and your work. I'll stick to your work and blog and hope to see you offline some day. Have a great day!

    May Park


  18. Hi! I'm a GFC follower and really enjoy your blog. I always have trouble entering your giveaways though. I'd email you privately but I'm not able to do that either :(. Just wanted to let you know, I'm not able to leave comments on your posts with giveaways for some reason. Really wish I could though~

  19. hello Danni, I would like to contact you by mail, could this be possible ?
    many thanks

  20. Hey Danni,

    I have been blowing oh, hello friend up on my blog with anticipation of the lovely package exchange. I wanted to share a link to my final product with you :)


    Thanks for including me in something so fun!


  21. Hello!!

    My name is Marta Marti and I would love to get more info about giveaways!

    My shop is about clutches, bags, wallets and more.

    This is the web: http://www.martamartimm.com

    Thank you!!!

  22. Will you be continuing to make your monthly wallpaper calendars? I LOVE them and miss them terribly! I still have January up on my computer :)

  23. Hi,

    I was in your shop a while back on your opening day and I bought two packs of the Vintage-style Paper Straws. I created a whimsical Circus-themed mobile using them and if you'd like to see it, you can see it on my blog: www.scarletcalliope.com.


    Christine Barker

  24. It was such a pleasant surprise seeing your booth at the OOAK show. I've been following your blog for a while now and it was great seeing your stuff in person. Can't wait to use my new stamps and washi tape.



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