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January 15, 2014

fabulous: pencil necklace from karina jean, $120
free: hand drawn frames from we lived happily ever after
font: homestead from lost type, donation
fun: motex label maker, various styles on etsy



January 9, 2014

Image from Asterisk Photo.

Nick & I qualified for Southwest's companion pass and I thought I'd start taking full of it so we're headed to Atlanta for a couple days for business. Anyone live in Atlanta or have visited? I'm excited to check out a brand new city, I've never been! Any recommendations for eats / sights to see / shops? I  really like hamburgers if anyone knows of a good burger place ;)  Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

January / Looking Forward To:


January 8, 2014

It's always fun to look forward to things, don't you agree? So I put together a small list of things I'm looking forward to this month. What kind of things are you looking forward to?

1. With a new year comes brand new items in the shop - I'm really excited about all the new items we'll be getting in the shop over the coming months.

2. DOWNTON!! Anyone else tuning in to season 4? Or anyone in the UK already seen it? Let's hope they don't kill off any characters we love this season ;)

3. I missed going last year because we had to open the shop but am headed back to Alt Summit again! I'm hosting a mini party with some lovely ladies

4. A brand new website with our very own shopping cart and all the products in our OHF stationery line finally online! We have quite a lot of products in our line like tape, tea towels, keychains, & cards that have only been available at craft shows, but will now finally be available to all! Stay tuned.



January 7, 2014

Hi friends! Happy 2014 to you. Last month was crazy with the shop (wish every month was December, shop sales were intense!) and we traveled around to quite a few craft shows, then went to Sacramento & Kansas City to spend time with both of our families. In total, we were only home 8 days in December! It's great to be home and for life to be sort of back to normal. Posting will be scattered over the next few weeks - we are transiting to Wordpress and getting a whole new! Thanks for sticking with the blog and checking in :) Here's to an amazing new year filled with love, friends & family, and many new blessings. 

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December 18, 2013

fabulous: promise rings from flock shop, $14
free: foilage photoshop brushes from creature comforts
font: lovely madelinette from fontshop, $39
fun: pretty things inside packing tape from a day with kate, € 7.95



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December 17, 2013

Shared some photos of the office a couple months ago and thought I'd share a few more. I spend a lot of time in my office, so it's important to have all sorts of elements & item such as functional, pretty, inspirational, and things I just like to collect that represent me. Did you know I am a total sucker for vintage office supplies? Or really any unique/fun office supplies in general. I'm talking, scissors, staplers, tape holders, stamps, letter holders, letter openers - you may judge me if you saw my collection ;) 

OHF Tape Intro & A Deal:


December 16, 2013

Well we are back with a little holiday intro + deal - our latest addition to the OHF line! I posted a photo of our new tape the other day and got a great response. You guys are always so supportive! This new masking tape is printed on white background paper tape. We have designs in 1.5" & .5" width. The rolls are 20 yards long, which will last you quite some time.

They won't be available online until next year but I have gotten quite a few inquires about it so I thought I'd do a little exclusive introduction sale since we have quite enough tape to go around ;) This offer is open until the end of the day (or to the first 50 customers, whichever comes first) and will ship first thing tomorrow, Tuesday, December 17th! We have boxes lined up and labels ready to print.

The 1.5" width tape retails for $15 and is available in 4 styles. The .5" retails for $8 and is available in 7 styles. There are a couple options you have for purchasing - you'll receive a discount & free shipping on your order! We'll even throw in a couple of another new product in our line - temporary tattoos :)

Package #1 - 2 Rolls of 1.5" tape, $28 (Retail: $35)
Package #2 - 4 Rolls of - .5"tape (Retail $35)
Package #3 - 1 roll of 1.5" & 3 rolls of .5" (Retail $45)
Package #4 - Holiday Package! Preset - comes with #1 Holiday Tape,
#5 Thank you Tape, & #9, Triangles! (Retail: $30)


* please be sure to enter your tape choices! if tape choices are not left,
we'll have to refund your order and move on to the next. thanks!

24 Merry Days / $150 to Little Low Studio:


December 14, 2013

Hi Friends! Sorry I've been MIA here at the blog. I am back and excited to share a lovely giveaway with you from Little Low Studio, brought to you by 24 Merry Days! I am totally familiar with Catilin's work - we actually carry Little Low Studio in our shop and her cards are some of our best sellers! This is my favorite card and we actually can never keep it stocked because it sells out so quickly!

There are so many fun items from Little Low Studio like Cards, Prints, Home Decor, & Recipe Boxes, so be sure to head over to the shop and figure out what you'll spend your $150 on if you win ;) Good luck!

Oh, and be sure to check out the 24 Merry Days website, just a little over half of the giveaways have been announced but there are still 10 more giveaways with some amazing prizes!

To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter below! The giveaway will end December 21, 2013 at 11:59 pm PST and is open to US readers only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



December 13, 2013

Hello strangers! Sorry I've been so silent at the blog, it has been pretty crazy around here! Nick & I have been exploring the sights & beautiful scenery of Seattle and we're currently in Portland now for Crafty Wonderland! I absolutely love Portland & Seattle so it wasn't too hard to decide to spend some time up here ;)  We're also so very fortunate to have amazing employees that can run the shop while we're away. We stayed in a Treehouse the other night which I've wanted to do for quite some time. Today we're off to eat at all the many places Portland has to offer. (Pok Pok, Voodoo, Screen Door here we come!)

Anyway, be sure to check back tomorrow for a very special giveaway - excited to be a part of 24 Merry Days. and Monday we're having a 24-hour sale on our new masking tape! Have a wonderful weekend friends.