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May 28, 2008

( last updated: january 2012)

oh, hello friend was started in May, 2008. A couple months later in July, I opened up my etsy shop. The name comes from when I was in high school, when my best friend and I would address eachother, “hello friend.” I originally intended my blog to be a place where I could post about whatever was on my mind: design, life, etc. But the more and more I posted, the more found I really loved posting things that inspired others. It is so neat to be able to contribute to an ever growing creative community.

To date, oh, hello friend has over 25,000 readers, subscribers + blogger followers combined. I am truly honored and humbled that friends would want to read my little blog. I love each comment, each email I receive from you all. I am inspired at how much the blog has grown in such a short amount of time and excited to see where it takes us.


My name is danni, lovely to meet you. I am 26 years old, I studied graphic design and graduated from the Art Institute Orange County in September 2007. I sort of fell into design when my mom suggested I try going to art school. I ended up really loving it. (moms really do know best, thanks mom!) When i’m not designing, I enjoy traveling, finding treasures at flea markets and thrift stores, listening to the rain while reading a book, eating a good hamburger, and spending time with my husband, Nicholas. We got married on September 25th, 2010!

I am a follower of Jesus and will talk about my beliefs from time to time here on the blog. Not really a big fan of the word "christian" or even being associated with any religious affiliation. I simply believe that Christ came and died for the sins of the world. He extends His amazing grace and love to us, though we are so undeserving of it. I am deeply touched and grateful for how generous you are to allow me to share my faith with you from time to time. I always feel I can freely share with no criticism or judgements and for that, I am so thankful to you dear readers.

You can also read 50 random facts about me here, my 'always, sometimes, and never' list, and see my 101 goals, 101 things to do in 101 days. (but the list is pretty old and outdated!) I am loving blogging. Thank you so much for reading and your support. You can also find me at the usual 'social networking' places:

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  1. Hello Danni

    I just found your blog through Simpley Grove. I love your blog, it´s so fresh and inviting. Thanks for all the inspiration!


  2. Found your blog awhile back and LOVE IT. And happy to hear that Christ is at the center, too :)

    Much love from The Valley,
    ~Christyn of Bead Up

  3. Hi Danni.

    Your blog has awakened my dormant creative side and brought it to life! A month later, I am making things, writing and designing my own blog and bravely venturing into other crafts. All that while holding a busy work schedule.

    I cannot thank you enough. Take care always.


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  5. I just found your blog and I am completely inspired! I will be a daily visitor for sure! Thanks so much! :)

  6. such a lovely blog. it's really cool to see that you're inspiring others to be creative and being a testimony along the way as well. just became a follower and i can't wait to start getting regular updates!

  7. Hi Danni -

    Had to track you down here! Love this blog!!!! Would love to do your wedding flowers...please contact me again so we can set up a time to meet


  8. Hi Danni!

    I just stumbled across your blog onto the gift exchange post and I'm THIS upset I missed it! Your blog is awesome amazing I'm loving every corner of it. Think I have quite a lot to read :)

    Oh and do conduct a gift exchange again! It sounds like so, so much fun!

  9. What a practically perfectly gorgeous Blog!! Thank you for sharing your creativity and beautiful images!
    Lord Bless you!

  10. Hi I really love your blog, it's sooo inspiring! Thank you for putting Christ into culture and the Word into action. Congrats for your engagement!


  11. My favorite part of this post is your verse- it's easy to get lost on the the distracting things online if we let it, but overall, He is the foundation of our creativity.

    Great post, Danni!


  12. Oh, I am sooo glad I found you blog! I totally want to follow in your footsteps. Thanks so much for sharing! And congratulations on your engagement - your fiance sure is a catch (I've never heard of any guy being so romantic!)


  13. Hi, and thanks for sharing all your lovely creativity with us! Blessings to you for using your gifts to glorify Him. Proverbs 31 baby!!! :o) Trish

  14. Such a lovely blog, such a lovely girl, congrats on engagement.....

  15. Been reading your blog for a little while now, and just read this page and you sharing about your faith was really encouraging to me! "Pressing on to know Him" - sweet, challenging Truth. Thank you! And, I love your design work. God bless you :)

  16. Hi Danni!
    I've been to your blog a couple times now and I adore it. Keep up the great work!

  17. Hello Danni.
    This isn't my first time to post a comment on your blog but yes, this my first time reading your "about me" section. Keep up the good work and please don't stop posting ideas ;)
    Put more of your love stories or sentimental moment here, please. I think that's gonna be lovely.
    Thank you for sharing. :)

  18. Hi Danni,

    WOW! You have amazing talent; you work is absolutely brilliant. Keep up the fantastic work. I read your post about the proposal; how cute! You are definately one lucky girl with a thoughtful fiance. All the best, may your lives remain filled with love and happiness :)

  19. Hi Danni!

    I just wanted to say that your blog is awesome! You have an amazing eye... I have a blog too, I'll be happy if one day it can be half as cool as yours. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  20. Danni,

    I stumbled upon your blog not too long ago and just wanted to let you know that I am encouraged by both your creativity and your willingness to glorify the creator in your work. Keep it up sister.

  21. You have the most beautiful blog. When I saw your blog, I know I'm going to love this.

  22. just became a follower...
    lovely, pretty, inspiring blog..and your faith is inspiring too :)

  23. Danni,

    I was first pointed to your blog via a link on from another design blog and immediately chuckled at the name - my friend Anna greets me that way all the time - I love it. I was so attracted by the graceful graphics, which are inviting, and the quality of your pages and posts. And let me tell you, it absolutely made my day to see that you honor God with it. If you're goal was to inspire, it worked, and not just with your beautiful art, but with your heart.

    Thank you for the special treat,


  24. Just dropped in to say Hi! I just love your simple yet elegant designs, your inspiring words and yeah and I do sympathize about your mom as I too have the same problem i.e my mother is suffering from lung cancer and I remember how it felt. Thanks a bunch for writing this blog. Ciao

  25. I just stumbled upon your blog and am utterly enchanted by it. The beauty you share is captivating. You shine HIM through this. May you continue to do so...

  26. I'm a recent convert to your blog (via The Drifter and the Gypsy), but I really really love it. So pretty!

  27. Danni! I just found your very inspiring and refreshing blog. I can sense your zest for life. I'm fascinated that you were adopted by agnostics and still found Christ. My husband and I are hoping to adopt a baby boy into a loving Christian family. Thanks for posting!

  28. Hi Danni! I came across your blog via 100Layer Cake and I am in love with all your great ideas and wonderful attitude! Keep up the great work! I am definitely going to have to rave about you on my blog. PS - Congrats on being a Mrs!!! :)

  29. I just wanted to leave you a note to let you know I am inspired daily by following your blog in my RSS feed. I'm getting married soon and your website designs truly inspired me to push what I could do with mine.

    Thanks for the healthy dose of creativity!

  30. stumble across your blog just now and i think i'm in love :) thanks for sharing such great graphic/visual inspiration, am a follower now!

  31. What a lovely blog. It's definitely awakened a creativity in me! I've happily linked it on my own blog.

  32. I love your blog :] I can totally sense the Holy Spirit, in that this isn't just a "design" blog, it's inspiring and very very lovely.

    It's so amazing how God can use one person to reach all these people though! love it!

  33. oh, hello new friend. Just found your blog. Love it. I'm reconnecting with my Creator & the creativity in me. I look forward to being inspired by your blog. Thanks for the beauty.

  34. I just stumbled upon your blog -- I love it!

  35. WOW! I'm impressed, you really are an inspiration, and sooo positive indeed :)

  36. Hello Danni, I love your blog! I discovered you through the creative mint. Love you style! Keep up the great work! (You must be in Ca based on in-and-out, lol.


  37. Some of my college roommates always greeted the rest of us as "Hello, friend(s)," and got me in the habit of doing it, too. Funny how we can have the same experiences as people we'll probably never meet.

    Makes me wonder how many other "hello, friend" sayers there are out there. :)

    Gorgeous photography. Fun info and great work in general. Thanks for your time and effort in this!

  38. @Jeanette Lunde
    Just accidentally came to your blog.I read some of your articles even though my English is not good.
    By the way I come from Taiwan :)

    You seem to be a craft designer and your work well and I like your blog~

  39. Oh my goodness! I've been missing out. I'm just catching up on some of the "Blogs of Note" and the name of yours immediately caught my attention! I love it! It is absolutely gorgeous and I love all the creativity happening here.

    Congrats on being noted (well-deserved) and look forward to reading more.

    All the best,

  40. I love your site. It is so presh! Feel free to follow me sometime as well at withlovemeghan.blogspot.com

  41. I just found your site through Pinterest! I absolutely love it. I hope you get the chance to check out my blog some time- littlegirlbigtaste.com :)

  42. Hello, Friend! Angie from Ike and Co sent me your way. I'm your newest follower and can't wait to get to know you more. Lovely and inspiring blog :)

  43. Jillian Clemmons25 July, 2011 17:25

    Hi Danni!

    I've subscribed to your blog for awhile and bought several things from you but never read your bio until today. Just wanted to send some love for hosting such an inspiring blog. Love the DIY projects:)


  44. Danni!
    Hey im from Chile. My name is Natalia Vittini
    I`m a graphic designer too, and i just love your blog, you give me so many ideas.
    Thanks to you i found Etsy and bougth some things there to sell to my friends.
    i put mi store the name " pajarita ohara" and now im doing good.
    I work in a agency in Santoago and I always show my friends here your post.
    I wish I could meet yoou some day and chat about ideas!
    thanks so much for this!

  45. Hey Danni! I found your blog through a friends blog, I really enjoy reading it and am going to list it on my favorite blog sites on my blog! Keep up the fun interesting posts, and by the way, I noticed its your annaversary...Happy Anniversary to you two! What a wonderful accomplishment the first year is. My husband and I have been married 2 1/2, boy it goes fast. And when you add a little one into it (which we recently have) it goes even faster! I hope it was a great day for you both, Happy Blogging!

  46. Every single time UCI has the Vendor Fair, I always always ALWAYS search for this shop. And for some reason, I just aim to buy one thing and end up buying like five (no exaggeration). This has gone on for the last three years! Stop being so amazing! ;) lol <3

  47. Hi Danni, I am a graphic designer too and just venturing into the world of blogging. I have spent a lot of time recently reading lots of blogs to give me ideas and inspiration for my own. I have to say your is one of the best and most inspiring ones I have come across so far. It's blogs like your's which make so excited and thankful that I do a job I get so much satisfaction from. Well done, you do a great job and I will be following you (and linking you on my my own blog very soon). Thanks and happy blogging! Anna

  48. Hi Danni,
    Love your blog. I got your blog on my reading list. Stopped blogging for a year or so now, recently back. Really inspired by your blog. Great to know that you are doing something that you enjoy.
    God Bless Alice

  49. Hi Danni! Just wanted to say it was really nice meeting you back at the renegade craft fair in downtown LA. I bought one of your lovely cake stands for my mom! I just started a blog for fun and I discovered your website after searching for desktop wallpaper images recently. So I thought I'd say hello!

  50. Hi Danni! I love your blog and wanted to let you know I've listed you and your site on my blog under "inspiring sites/blogs". I tried to email you privately but it bounced back. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season.

    Jennifer C
    sweet-sprout designs

    WEBSITE:: www.sweet-sprout.com
    BLOG:: www.sweet-sprout.com/blog.html
    EMAIL:: sweetsprout [!at] yahoo.com
    FACEBOOK:: www.facebook.com/SweetSproutDesigns
    TWITTER:: www.twitter.com/sweet_sprout

  51. Found you through your etsy shop, then via twitter. Nice to put a face to the name! Awesome to know you are a believer too, it's kind of like finding long-lost family when I run into another! I hope to be back soon to keep looking at your inspirations. Thank you also for your etsy order, the date stamp and air mail envelopes are lovely!

  52. Thank you for being bold! I think we would be friends in real life. For now, I shall enjoy your wonderful blog :)

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  54. just discovered you from papernstitch's blog. sweet layout. looking forward to following your blog and on twitter.

  55. Loving your style and your blog. I visit often. Thanks for keeping us all inspired!

  56. Just started reading your blog and I'm lovin' it!


  57. Hello New Friend, and fellow follower of Christ. I'm new here. My name is Noel. You have a beautiful way with words. Thank you for all your inspirations and great ideas. I WILL be back.

  58. Hello,

    Just discovered your blog via design sponge, another blog I love. I've been exalting your blog all week long. It's so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! I hope to one day make a career doing the same. :)


  59. I love your blog! It's one of the best I've ever read!

  60. You have a very lovely blog! I'm a new follower.


  61. Hi Danni. I stumbled upon your blog from another blogger and browsed thru your blog... Then I remembered... I purchased a necklace all the way back in 2009 thru your etsy store (and I still have it and wear it!!) and that got me REALLY excited. Can't believe how big your dreams have gone. It will get bigger!!! Awesome!!

    cheers from another OC girl,

  62. hello danni,
    i just found your blog from pintrest..!!
    loved your blog..! <3


  63. Jocelyn Ozolins11 July, 2012 09:32

    Danni: Just found your free label scans via just make stuff. great inspiring blog. thanks for your generosity.

    orient ny

  64. Hi Danni

    Love your blog and how humble you are about it. Especially love the fact that you're so bold in talking about your faith on your blog - just wanted to encourage you in that :-) thanks for being so bold in that area.

    Looking forward to reading more of your lovely blog posts. You come across as a really lovely person.

    jojo encourages. x

  65. Cool to see another Jesus freak in the Blogosphere! :)


  66. Hey Danni, I "awarded" you a Versatile Blogger Award! To see what that means, visit this post on my blog: http://granolameetsgrits.com/2012/08/07/versatile-blogger-award/#

    On the one hand I am thrilled to share your blog with my readers because I like it so much, but on the other hand I am sorry because I realize this is kind of like those silly chain letters I always threw away when I was younger. :) If you would rather not post about this on your blog, I will not be offended in the least. Just wanted to include you on my list of favorites, that is all!

    Let me know if you have any questions I can answer, though I don't know much about this thing myself. :) Have a good day!

  67. Hi Danni!, I found your lovely blog through a sleepless night of google searching, and I am so in love with it! ^_^ Reading about you and your spiritual and positive self is so darling ^_^

    All the best!...from your newest blog follower *_^


  68. Wow, how amazing you must feel to watch your fan base grow so much & so quickly! You're such a success!

    I first saw you during the vendor fair when I was a student at UC Irvine back in 2009-2011! I fell in love with your things but didn't have any money at the time (& I was rushing to class), so I vowed that I would get myself something during the next vendor fair. However, you weren't at the next vendor fair! I remember I e-mailed you about buying something that I saw at the vendor fair & didn't see in your etsy shop, but then we both failed at replying promptly to one another =P I still have yet to get something, but WOW! Now you're opening up a shop?! Congratulations! I hope to come visit it whenever I'm back in Cali!

    When I first found you I thought it was pretty cool that I discovered someone with the same taste/style that I like & I just knew you'd be a big hit once you got out there more, & I was right! I don't know you, but I'm so happy for you! :) I'm also loving your blog as well!

    Hope to hear from you sometime!

    With love,


  69. I love your blog, Danni! So happy to have found another stylish sister in Christ! You have a new follower/reader! :)

    Pink Carnations

  70. Hello Danni,

    Greetings from Malaysia.

    i been following your blog about 2-3 years. Im from Malaysia, not sure you know where is it XD
    sorry my English not good, i mean i can read but not good in writing.
    i just want to drop by and say Hello to you.

    i love the pic, idea and your post. really inspire me a lot. although im not good in art but i love to see the picture and packaging. i also like the way you wrote, simple but straight English.

    lastly, want to say thank you. thank you for all the effort you spent to keep this blog interesting. keep it up~

  71. WoW!! Your blog is so amazing:)
    it inspire me and the pics so great.
    Love it.

    With love,



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