lovely package exchange, summer 2012:

June 18, 2012

I know lots of you love packaging, it's some of the first content I blogged about because I love a nicely wrapped package. Well, the lovely package exchange spring 2012 is here! Limited number of sign ups are open to hurry to the comment form to sign up! update sign ups are now closed, thanks for participating! :)

Swap Partners: You'll receive 1 swap partner, so we can focus on putting lots and lots of effort into our lovely packages!

Swap Dollar Amount: This is a gift exchange, with emphasis on the packaging. So suggested amount to spend on a gift is around $25-$30 before shipping cost. This amount can include packaging for your gifts as well, but please don't spend $20 on packaging and only send a $10 gift. If you own a shop, please don't send only items from your shop to promote your own shop.

Overseas: The trade is open to friends in other countries! Please note that Canada + US will be counted together so US residents may receive a partner in Canada. All other countries will be paired with each other. There is no option to send or receive from overseas.

Interests: The form includes all necessary information so please fill it out thoroughly :) Be sure to include any favorite links, etsy shops, etc so you can give your partner an idea of the things you like.

Flickr: Please join the lovely package exchange flickr group! Feel free to post all your images of packages sent and received! Please add package images for inspiration as well if you want.

Deadline & Dates: First 125 sign ups will be accepted. Sign ups will remain open until Sunday, June 24th or if there are 125 sign ups, whichever comes first. Partners will be assigned Thursday, June 28th and packages must be sent by Thursday, July 12th.

If you'd like to sign up for the summer 2012 exchange, simply fill out this form and leave it in the comments section! Please do not email me your forms - I will be sure to get to all the information here.

Requirements: This swap is open to anyone this time around. But if you do not have some sort of link (blog/shop) you will be paired up with someone with the same. This keeps it fair for those who want to document and blog about it.

Filling out the sign up form is essentially signing your contract - that you are committing to sending a great package! Please plan to put some time and effort into the things you send, as well as how you present it.


URL: (blog/shop

Email Address: (please type your email as it is, ie: + not like ohhellofriend[at] - thanks!)


List 5 favorite things: (favorite shops/blogs, things you'd like to receive, items you collect,etc)

5 words to describe you or your style: 

Anything else you'd like to mention: 

If you're participating, place a button at your blog.
Simply choose a button and copy and paste the codes provided below.

Note: If you didn't know, you can adjust the width of the banner to fit your sidebar! Within the html code below, where it says width="150", simply change that '150' number to whatever number will fit your side bar! Not sure what size fits in your sidebar? Trial and error always works best, that's what I do ;)

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