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June 27, 2008

so i have been on a super etsy kick lately! everything etsy, whoohoo! i also ordered this lovely poster for my friend's birthday.

anyway, i thought i'd start up my very own etsy favorite friday's, as a sort-of therapy to get out my etsy craze. sorry if that's unoriginal, haha. i am blogging this on friday and Friday goes with Favorite, right? well, here are some of my favorite's for this week!

etsy favorite friday's.
1. the fountain pen overflows journal from marigoldjournals; $40
2. matryoshka hand carved stamp from craftpudding; $11
3. adorable bird plaque (my initials are not e&t but i thought this was so cute!) from lgbrinkle; $16
4. shopping bag thank you cards from offtherecord; $8
5. letterpress gift tags from sycamorestreetpress; $10

1 hello's:

  1. aww i think iknow what friend you ordered that posted for :)

    i like your etsy idea. its like a fun scavenger hunt!


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