August 5, 2008

friend dinner!

so my friends from college decided we should have a monthly friend dinner where we can all get together and catch up! it is so weird that i'm done with college, i don't feel like i am. i guess i keep thinking i'll eventually go back to i'm on a really long summer break. i guess i should just face reality. such a sad-bear!

pictured here are all the college friends: mike d (aka slacker), curtis elliot and his lovely gf - cathy, van, ryan, annie smith, britt and justin,  and of course miss mayra, whom i finally gave the gift i had for her birthday to. (sorry it was a month late mye! hope you liked it!) 

on the note of gifts, i decided i LOVE pretty packages and pretty wrapping. i realized i could spend time on wrapping mye's gift because she would appreciate and notice all the loveliness of it all. here's what mayra's gift looked like all wrapped up:

that's it :) i've been meaning to post the pics so there they are.

2 hello's:

  1. yes i loved the wrapping!! <3 thanks for always being so thoughtful :)

  2. Love this! One of the most creative wrapping jobs I have ever seen!


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