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October 28, 2008

black white and yellow
1) Quarry Lake Dress, $278 from anthropologie. 2) Yellow Black and White Crochet Necklace, $65 from unicocreation. 3) Signature Black, White, and Yellow Fabric Covered Tacks, $5 from blackwhiteyellow. 4 & 5) printed cotton rug & round potholder, $14 & $2.99 from urban outfitters. 6) Black, White, and Yellow Travel Organizer Wallet, $42 from sewnsational. 7) Alondra Blouse, $118 from anthropologie

i'm not doing a whole lot today. i couldn't sleep last night and today i woke up at noon :( jet lag is killer. so anyway, i came across this lovely shop and blog, { black. white. yellow } - i love this color combination! i really have to get motivated. patchwork show is coming up in 2 weeks and felt club is right after that. any helpful tips on getting inspired/motivated?

2 hello's:

  1. this reminds me of honey bees <3

  2. thanks so much for including my tacks!



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