October 29, 2008

bike : accessories.

so lately i have been wanting to get a bike.
and with these cute bike accessories, who wouldn't want to get one?

1. robins egg beach cruiser bicycle, $154.99 from ebay.
2. Carrie Bicycle Basket, $65 from scandinavian grace.
3. cute translucent bike bell, $2.13 from dealextreme. (yea! bike bell!)
4. eco friendly flat ware set, $26 from ponyup.
5. butterfly couture bicycle streamers, $24 from citystreamers. (yea! streamers!)
6. bicycle seat bag, $18 from dogwoodlane.

* bike image is by sally scott.
more lovely bikes can be found here at electra and cute hello kitty accessories here!
they just didn't fit in the image ;)

(ps: i'll be posting pictures of my trip soon! hope you'll stop by and check them out!)

2 hello's:

  1. I've always wanted a bicycle but I don't think I remember how to ride one...

  2. omg i love the color of that bike! im really into that color lately :) i wanna paint some frames in my room that color lol im going through an urban outfitters phase..


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