( resource ) found + scanned:

October 30, 2008

i love using found elements in design.
so i thought i'd share a few that i have scanned from my collection!
vintage paper lace doily. hummingbirds. card. random papers + postcard back.
more to come soon.
click here to download the .psd file.

(each element is cut out, on it's own layer)
or if you want just want the .jpg file, it's here.
hope you can find some use for it.
be sure to drop a comment or show what you used it for!

3 hello's:

  1. Thank you, my dear! Check out my banner...may look a wee bit familiar. I'll be giving you credit on my layout when I have more time to update...

    Love ya! :)

  2. This are fab and so stylish!
    Thank you xx


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