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October 1, 2008

well i'm not sure if i've mentioned but i absolutely love the rain
and it rained here monday! it was the best. then yesterday it reached 100 and was mega hot.
only in california, i guess.

i love the sound and gloom of rain, not necessarily the getting drenched part. i have a serious problem with buying cute umbrellas when it really never rains here. i guess i just convince myself that it's just so cute and hey, maybe it really will start raining!

so here's hoping to rain this season! although, i probably won't get my hopes up.
 i guess i'll just have to move to seattle.

umbrella collection from:
1. Polka Dots & Posies ( umbrella society ) * 2. Pierre Vaux Parasols, London ( brollies galore ) * 3. pare umbrella ( pare umbrella ) * 4. marimekko kiku ( finn style ) * 5. romanelli  ( brollies galore ) * 6. tulip  ( brollies galore ) * 7. marimekko ruusupuu ( finn style )  * 8. gracefully elegant (umbrella society ) * 9. tiffany dragonfly ( umbrella stand )

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  1. i especially like the black and white 'brella :)

    thank you for sharing!


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