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November 25, 2008

oh, scarves. i love scarves, they are by far my favorite accessory item. i have quite a few, because, well, i'm addicted to buying them. they're cheap, they're cute, they keep you warm! so many multi purposes!

(ps: if you have tons of scarves like me, I would suggest getting the scarf organizer, from the container store! my roommate got me a couple of these and they are amazing!)

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  1. that scarf org looks zany. u goober

  2. Are you participating in the scarf exchange? If not, you totally should. The button is on my page.
    Sarah @ http://soxys-diamond.blogspot.com/ told me about it, so now I'm telling you!

  3. someone tried to nickname me scarf a few years ago...because i wore scarves all the time. AND when I worked at a factory I even wore them...people were amazed at how many scarves I had, and for the Xmas gift exchange, I got a scarf from my secret santa, lol.

  4. I love me a good scarf. :) I'm so glad that they're so popular now, too, because you can find them everywhere!

  5. I've been wanting a cowl from Hand Me Downs for the longest. They are gorgeous!

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  7. christie, you're just jealous you don't any scarf organizers :P hehe.

    shannon, i'm totally participating! so excited! i actually found the link off your blog! ;)

    jess, ahh we should totally be scarf buddies.

    kerri, are you going to do the scarf swap that shannon mentioned?

    jamielovely, aw i know, they are so amazing.


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