November 26, 2008

digital polaroids, from poladroid.

yes, very soon polaroids will be a distant memory, so sad. but to keep the memory going, you can download this super duper program that converts your photos into polaroids! ok, so it pretty much just sticks the frame around your photo, but still. it's cool. and free! i'm all about the free.

note * application is only available on macs right now. (uh-huh, go macs.) so get on it. sorry pc users. but according to the website, the download for you guys is the works.

ok, i know it's not the real thing. but hey, it's all about digital now i suppose. and it's as close to the real thing as it gets. you drag your picture onto the 'polaroid' and you actually wait for it to develop - as you can see below in my screen shot. i'm gonna be honest, this really confused me at first and i was like, "ugh, great..what is wrong with my pic?" and considering the instructions only come in a FRENCH pdf with your download, i just had to figure it out for myself. but aren't you glad i am explaining it to you now? :) be sure to add your pics to poladroid's flickr group.

have fun!

4 hello's:

  1. That's what happens when you become a Mac-betrayer like me. *sight*

  2. Hey, cool stuff. Thanks for sharing! So when are you going to sell me your polaroid film now huh???

  3. I heard about this awhile ago...I will just have to wait until PC users get the chance to use it.
    Cute photos btw

  4. you fake. how can you live with yourself


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