November 17, 2008

So this weekend was pretty crazy! I'll start with the fires:

california fires.

California fires - so sad! Saturday afternoon was crazy. One of the fires was a mile away from us. We fell on the other side of the freeway so we didn't have to evacuate. So blessed. But so sad that some people's houses burned! Here's a map of the coverage near my work! I'm not sure if I will even go to work tomorrow, it is in the red.

map of fires.

I did a ton of crafting for felt club yesterday. Here are some images!
My crazy crafting area, such a pain to clean up today.
the mess.

my poor gocco! i couldn't run any cards because it was not transferring my designs :(
more mess.

Promo packets for giveaways!
promo packets!

holiday gift pack tags! the gift packs sold really well!
holiday gift pack tags.

here are the goods i picked up from felt club! hurray for handmade!
felt club goods.

felt club goods.

3 hello's:

  1. Oh my! That stuff is so cute! I could only dream I had as much craft stuff as you do!!

  2. So glad to hear your home is safe from the fire. I've been watching the coverage all weekend and just cannot believe the devastation. On a lighter note, I love your holiday gift tags!

  3. did you take those fire photos? theyre pretty cool. did you get my text?


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