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December 4, 2008

i love something about vintage post + airmail. who would have thought the post office could be a trend. here are some lovely items i've come across with this post related theme. (from left to right)


1) dynomighty: the mighty wallet. crazy strong wallet. $15

2) paul smith: women's envelope print leather purse. £215

3) kate spade: par avion medium shopper. $175

4) bennie and olive: airmail wallet. $42

5) yoursecretadmiral: airmail envelope notebook. $14

6) paperama: airmail travel journal. $27

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  1. Hi there! Just discovering your blog now and so happy as a result. I remember seeing that Kate Spade purse and loving it (not the price tag.) I'm delighted to see there are other options available and just as sweet.


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