christmas recap:

December 31, 2008

hello friends! sorry i haven't been posting, i haven't really been doing a lot of anything lately, just sitting around ;)

so here is a recap of my Christmas! my older brother and i drove up to stockton to visit my mom. all my cousins live in sacramento. i have a lot of cousins, and it was so good seeing all of them. this is us, having a white elephant gift exchange. i almost had the only one good gift - a $75 gas gift card, but my cousin stole it on a technicality of whether a gift can be stolen 2 or 3 times! boo that. i ended up with a tae-bo dvd. ha!

I got some pretty sweet gifts, including the polaroid pogo from my mom, which is a super tiny printer that prints tiny pictures, and it's inkless! yea, kind of a hard concept to grasp, at least it was for me. but the paper actually contains the ink. it's crazy! i also got a cute cupcake print bag, because she calls me cupcakes. nicholas got me a GREEN sony cybershot 10-megapixel camera! i love green. he definitely knows me. he's the best.

anyway, nicholas just got back from missouri this morning so we finally had our own 'christmas' gift exchange. this is us with our stockings, i really love stocking gifts the most. they're so fun.

5 hello's:

  1. I'm curious about that gift exchange thing.

  2. We do the white elephant, too. It's fun!

    Stocking gifts are my favorite, also!

  3. i totally had the same wrapping paper, the red and cream deer paper, from target. you and nick are so cute! Oh! And I got a pogo polaroid printer too! pretty nifty.

  4. This is adorable!

    I am falling more and more in love with you and your blog.

    Is that totally weird?

  5. you two are just too adorable! :D
    ooo, that polaroid printer is so coooool!!


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