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December 2, 2008

part 1 out of a 3 part gift idea series :)

so i've been super lost on what to get nicholas for Christmas. and i have 2 brothers. my mom is easy as pie. she likes yellow, so it's not too hard finding yellow things, yellow anything. yellow shoes. yellow clothes. yellow ipod. this year she writes us 3 kids an email saying, "house is on sale at borders! you can get me all 3 seasons or a wii fit system!" which i can totally picture her playing because that is totally her kind of workout. not the real kind. she's a lazy bum ;)

but in case you need help in finding some gifts for your man, guy friend, brother, whatever: here are some helpful articles and sites that have some nice 'inspiration' or ideas on what to get for that guy in your life.

if you're pledging handmade this year, ellie at mint design blog has come up with a lovely list of great handmade guy items.

the lovely miss jamie of oh how lovely shops has put together some super duper things in her holiday guide : men's edition!

etsy also has a nice storque article on gift ideas for the boys.
also check out their gift guides for him and for dad.

uncrate is a 'web magazine' that basically posts lots of GUY gadgets, clothes, cars. i've gone to this site a few times for ideas and it's really helpful!


some other kind of random gift sites are (how appropriate) and x-treme geek (you know it's extreme cause they use an X) as well as thinkgeek, for that nerd in your life like mine :)

ALSO worth a mention: gift cards! kristine of life with keiki posts BEWARE OF GIFT CARDS because many stores are going under. read about it here at her blog.

if you have any sites you know of for gifts for the guys, feel free to share!

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  1. Thank you for the link, lovely :)

  2. Love your blog. So many cute ideas and pretty things!!

    Thanks for your comment. Yea, I'm pretty lucky to have step-mom and mom that get along.. but i know it's weird and crazy ;)

    Happy holidays!!!


  3. shopping for Tim on Etsy would be sooo hard! I would be afraid he wouldnt like whatever I got him. I did get him a print from JuliaPott once though, it was the bear one and says "Hello, I love you" on it.

    i already ordered him something from likes boring typical guy, football..working out.

  4. This is VERY helpful. Presents for guys are always difficult, and a little help might come handy.

  5. LOVE this post, friend! you're too sweet!

  6. Love all of your ideas! I'm getting my guy friend a digital photo frame. He loves taking pictures but never knows the right way to display his images. I got mine from CEIVA and it allows users to upload photos to their frame over the Internet and their cell phone. Check them out and make sure to enter their sweepstakes for your chance to win $500!

  7. oh! thank you very much for the comment ... I admire your work, is very cute! :) Happy HOLIDAYS!




  8. thank you for the link!!


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