{ lovely goods }

December 26, 2008

from dwanda:

{ lovely goods }

1. teapot earrings by tillybloom, €11
2. lily flower brooch by elanorot, €3
3. georgia navy/lime clutch by emmagordon, €43
4. ashes coat by matrixLOFT, €121
5. white gold-plated filigree glass pendant by lingglass, €14
6. recycled wool necklace scarf by gayeabandon, €21

2 hello's:

  1. Hi Danni...

    I've seen your etsy shop at etsy.com
    I'm wondering if I could be the reseller of your handmade goods in my country.

    Waiting for your prompt info :)


  2. Those earrings are adorable!


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