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January 14, 2009

amazon mp3: download.

have you been over to the amazon mp3 store yet? it's really quite great. and since it is my duty to share with all my friends things i find note worthy, as i surf the endless wide world of web, i thought i would share this. i hope you think it's cool too.

anyway: amazon, like itunes, offers albums for direct mp3 download straight to your computer. you can of course preview all the songs. they also have a mp3 daily deal, which is sweeeeet. today's album deal is nick drake: Five Leaves Left, for $1.99. well, i think that's pretty cool and i'll download it for $2 dollars.

some other albums worth mention: Priscilla Ahn; the iTunes Live Session EP for $3.68.. which i also totally downloaded. The Bird And The Bee: Please Clap Your Hands for $3.68. The 99 Most Essential Beethoven Masterpieces for only $7.99. get into the classical! John Mayer has a good acoustic set for $4.99 + Jason Mraz has some lovely live songs too. The Look Of Love by Diana Krall, is $1.99 today as well. or you can stock up on your christmas music early and get Bing Crosby White Christmas album for next year, which you really can't go wrong with. the P Is For Panda Mix Tape Vol. 1, for only $1.89 is nice for you folk people. and meiko, for only $4.52. i'm a fan. oh, and i didn't put this image in but Flight Of The Conchords, The Distant Future, is $4.99..nick loves them.

and i suppose that is about all. even if these aren't your music tastes, there are a lot of albums to search through..

2 hello's:

  1. Oh, I LOVE that "z" in "Amazon." What a great font!

    (See, I can say things like that to you and you're not going to judge me. Love.)

    Just wanted to say I think Nick is GREAT. Anyone who enjoys Flight of the Conchords is totally a cool person. Hang on to him. ;)

  2. I am seriously in need of some new musical goodness, so thanks for the recommendations! And iTunes is irritating me because it's always so expensive. I was doing LimeWire for a while (I know, illegal downloading...but I'm so cheeeap) but it is making our computer so slow.

    I'll have to check out Amazon!


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