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January 21, 2009

link love banner.

♥ i love you project, i love you more than blank.
departing from the cliche valentines sentiment, this project is an exploration of the wonderful world of love ;) so sweet. you can share your own "i love you more than _____" visit their site.

♥ instant film coming back, the impossible project.
um, have you seen this site? apparently, they will be starting production of integral film for polaroid cameras in 2010. good news for all polaroid people!

♥ business card 101: everything you need to know, snap 2 objects.
this is a great resource site. i think i've done a link on this before but it was for business card inspiration, since business cards are very important. but this is a lovely article.

♥ two thousand and nine, rainy day in may.
i absolutely adore this idea and this blog. misty posts each day, every day in 2009. "a daily photo journal in which to record the truly wonderful moments I'm grateful for..." i love it. i must do it. 2010, here i come. thanks for the inspiration misty!

2 hello's:

  1. I really like this series of yours. It leads me to such great things.

  2. this one's my fav link love post so far.


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