new year:

January 1, 2009

happy two-thousand nine! wow, 2009.. crazy.

last night was fun. nicholas and i went to my brother's house, he was doing a murder mystery party. i was pat griffney, a drug addict looking for my next fix. halfway through as i was talking with someone trying to obtain information on the murder, my hair totally caught on fire. yep. i was learning over the counter and i suppose a combination of being short (i'm 4' 10') + long hair is not a good thing over candles. luckily nicholas saw my hair flaming and started hitting my back to get the fire out. my hero. let me tell you, burnt hair is not a nice smell, whatsoever. not wanting to bring more attention to the my burnt hair incident, i went to the bathroom but everyone knew pretty quickly what happened as the smell took up the whole house. haha. so that's my little story of the night. burnt hair girl, that's me. ironically, i was mentioning to nick yesterday morning how i'm getting a hair cut for the new year, because my hair has gotten to be super long ;) here are some pictures from the new camera, hurray.


this year i hope for many good things to come. here's what's on my list of immediate things to do in the new year:
  • start 2 new etsy shops. (1 is in the works, i'll share the link soon!)
  • list my products at at least 2 other sites.
  • take a class to learn 2 new things. (maybe flash + sewing? yes.)
  • visit my grandparents, often.
and let's not forget my 101 things in 1001 days list, which is an ongoing project i suppose.. although i have been slacking lately on it.

goodbye old, hello new:

i decided to launch the new blog layout today, since it is the first of the year! what do you think? comments. concerns. suggestions. is the default font too small or too large? i am not sure. but i hope you like it! it's still fairly simple, but brings a lot of extra layout space, which i really needed. it took forever, figuring out images and the code since i really am not familiar with all the 'language' but it was fun.

there was this one thing that was bugging me so i asked my friend mye, who had a friend that she suggest i ask, and he figured it out in like, 1 minute. haha, so thank you brian clark :) it really pays to have friends who know people.

anyway, i also discussing a possible new company idea with my older brother, but i will let you know more if it actually goes through. i will give you a small hint - it has to do with photos! ;) i realize this actually reveals nothing about anything but it is really just a thought right now, i am super into it but i'm not sure if he is. we will see what '09 brings.

i am really looking forward to this year! possibly new relationship changes with nicholas? we will see. i am not looking forward to being another year older. 24? boo. i'm not sure how i feel about entering my mid-twenties.

okay well, here's to a lovely 2009.

9 hello's:

  1. Ohhh, a murder mystery party! I've always wanted to go to or host one of those, they look so fun! Sorry about your hair, though, lol.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Burnt hair?? Oh My!! I'm sorry!!

    And I started a 101 in 1001 list today!! I'm excited!!

  3. burnt hair smell is the worst.

    the new blog layout is so pretty. i love it. i wish i had your graphic talents. haha.

    the party sounded like it was fun. tim and i just sat at home and played yahtzee, haha. we are total old people.

  4. Hi! :] I love the new design! The font is a little squished but I LOVE it! :] I've been trying to find someone who can design me a blog, banner, and a couple stickers for my shop... No luck.. Do you know anyone???

    BURNT Hair!! Ewww! lol I'm sorry.. that sucks. I had some bully in high school light my hair on fire in class. Ha. It sucked then, but HAHA now! :]

    I start my 101 list today!!! I'm so excited! I started with the first on my list.. -re-read the classics. I got my "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" out and I'm ready! :]

    Edcouch is about 30 minutes away from my hometown!! haha!

    Did you ever get my package?

  5. Your new layout is beautiful! Burnt hair is not! :D I did that once in my high school crafta class. I leaned over a propane burner thing! My hair was completely lopsided and I cleared out the whole class! I never heard the end of it for the rest of the year. LOL

    Happy New Year Danni and friends!
    xo, Katy

    ps. I received my awesome awesome giveaway package and everything is so incredibly cool! Thank you! I took pics and will share on flickr soon!

  6. aw, you are adorable!

    love the layout. :) they always look so pretty!

  7. I think it's fantastic! Wonderful job! And, your hair story? Totally made me giggle out loud...I mean, I know it's not really funny, but as long as you are okay right? Haha.

  8. me like the new layout! and the background color is love!

    Sorry to hear about your hair, sure you had a blast at the party though :)


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