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January 8, 2009

{ photograph }

i love julie alvarez's work, i wish my daily photos could be as pretty as hers. these photos are taken from her 'i love red' set..though i also love the morning (pinecone) photo + the gray afternoon. be sure to check out her etsy shop + blog as well.

3 hello's:

  1. Awww!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures.

  2. Really good looking stuff!

  3. Dear Danni,
    I just found this post, by randomly looking for a totally non related thing. Thank you very much for what you wrote!
    I wanted to say though that I would have liked to know about this (of course!) and also if you have asked me for my approval to use the pictures.
    I am totally OK with this, anyway, so I would have say yes!
    Well, I am off to read some more of your blog.


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