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January 22, 2009

plenty of time before valentines day. lots of heart + love filled items all over the place for valentines day. here's my collection of 15 lovely things. don't forget that special someone in your life! hope you find your perfect gift for whomever! ♥

will you be mine print from jenzet, $18

valentine acorn magnets from joojoo, $20

postcups for valentine's day from bailey doesn't bark, $50

'i love you' letterpress card from pistachio press, $3.50

for always being there ornament from sugar street cafe, $17

Red Houndstooth iSockit for iPod from blythe king, $12
(i ordered a custom case for nick's google phone, blythe was super sweet and helpful!)

Raspberry Serenade by atelierBB, $75

love notecard set from your wishcake, $7.50

what i love about you: book from amazon, $11.16
love is...a wild ride! from amazon, $11.96

creamy fudge hearts from martha stewart, free!
(well, you can make them)

i love you magic bean from magic bean for you, $9.99

the love is in the mail from uncommon goods, $45

love: 8 pencil set from the spoon sisters, $9.95

you warm my heart hot cocoa mix from fred flare, $8
(i really like this idea but i will probably make it myself. if you can't, then buy this one!)

10 hello's:

  1. I love the felt mail box! Happy Valentine's Day Friend!

    xoxo, Ivy

  2. Uh, now I know what I'm getting my friends for VD!! That fudge looks yummy.

  3. P.S. You've won YET ANOTHER award!!

  4. What a lovely selection of goodies! I just love Valentine's Day.

  5. Hearty collections.Thank you for sharing.Wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day ahead.

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  6. how lovely!
    **Happy Valentine´s day**!!!

    Look!!! look!!!!


    is a bubble!


  7. Aw, thank you for including my cards in this lovely post! You are so thoughtful.

    And that cocoa mix is absolutely brilliant! I'm totally going to try that. It's the cutest thing ever.

  8. That hot coco mix is perfect. I agree that I'll probably just make it myself. It depends on my level of laziness.

  9. these are SO CUTE. I wasn't really going to do much for V-Day this year, but after seeing this post of yours I'm kind of rethinking that. :)


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