weekend lovelies:

January 4, 2009

weekend lovelies:

just browsing around for some packing tape, (which i will post on tuesday) i came across some super houseware + accessory items that i want really to buy! now, if only i had lots of money..

1. chateau set of 3 botanical jars, from burkedecor.com, $180
2. wooden postcard, from grandthestore.com, $12
3. peas-n-carrots celadon gourmet dishware, from willow, $80
4. owl umbrella stand, from burkedecor.com, $140
5. busig tray, from ikea, $5.99
6. thomas paul tree black tote, from grandthestore.com, $36

3 hello's:

  1. How gorgeous! I especially love the owl umbrella stand and the wooden postcards. Lovely finds =)

  2. Well, you could still buy the tray, right?

  3. ooooo, that tray just REALLy made me want to make a trip to IKEA, even if it is 4 hrs away...i want!! :D


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