January 12, 2009

the weekend was good.. i watched sense and sensibility with my roommate. what can i say? i'm a big jane austen fan. reached 500 etsy sales, hurray! took some pics with photo booth on my comp, it's a little bit addicting, there are so many fun filters! said goodbye to a dear apple friend, jamielowry since he's leaving us for san francisco. went to disneyland, again...with my little 11-year old friend naseem, though i suppose she is not so little since she's as tall as me. ;) waited in line for 30 minutes to a pineapple whip float, yum! it was well worth it. had a meeting for a magazine that my friend is starting up. (this is the group below. i love animated gifs! mye is supposed to teach me how to make them.) talked with nicholas about possibly going to this school in germany for a few months..which would be amazing.

and that's all. sorry for the lack of posts today. lots of things to do. see you tomorrow friends!

9 hello's:

  1. Yay for being petite. (Uh, I'm 5'1". Tiny woman. So I'm totally not being condescending.)

    I love how you just get lost in the craziness.

    What an awesome animation!

  2. Those look AMAZING. If you learn how to do them, you should really do a know-how about it.

    Oh, and if you DO go to Germany, let me know!! I'll be in France and I'll surely stop by!

  3. Aw, sounds like a great time! And I think that those pineapple whips are worth any amount of waiting. Mmmm. Too yummy.

    Oh, if you learn how to do those gif's, do share! I've been wanting to learn how to do those forever! :) That photo is too fun.

  4. I want to learn how to do those gif's as well. I should just ask my bf. lol he would know how to.

    The pineapple whip sounds delicious! Oh and congrats on making 500 etsy sales. That's wonderful! I'm eyeing off your little camera necklace. So adorable.

    If you can go to that school that would be amazing!

  5. If you learn how to do those please share because that is way too cool!

  6. Congrats on your 500 sales mark, that's great! A friend of mine went to the Torchbearer schools in Austria and Spain, and two other friends went to the one in England. I've heard great things about that group of schools, I am sure it would be a wonderful experience to attend the school in Germany.
    Did you see the conclusion of Tess? What did you think?

  7. sounds like a lovely weekend! And I LOVE the animated picture... so fun. Looks like a great group.

    I'm so glad to know you love Jane Austen too! She's one of my absolute favs-- especially Sense and Sensiblity in particular.


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