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February 4, 2009

{ link love }

♥ vintage fabric and postcard tags, doe c doe.
free set of tags and postcards, from vintage fabrics.

♥ the bright side project, the blah, blah, blah blog.
a super duper blog having a giveaway EVERY day of this month. how neat! i would love to do something like this. (found through: sweet pie pumpkin noodle, thanks jackie!)

♥ pdf = pretty darn fabulous, wren and chickadee.
ez of creature comforts has added some lovely printables to her shop. her design is all over it and i do love her design. they're also super afforable. (i'll probably be purchasing these tiny prints soon, heh)

♥ free printable paper, printable paper.
i love paper! graph paper, vintage paper, lined paper, anything unique. this site has over 400 free papers you can download and print. neat idea, most definitely.

♥ gocco replacement? YuDo.
in breaking news! the Yudo is a small printing unit, similar to the gocco. it is larger and it costs $300. it has just been announced so let us wait and see if this will be as good of a replacement! (if it is, too bad i just dropped tons of money for stocking up on my gocco supplies! oh well.)

7 hello's:

  1. hi friend!
    loooove the printable papers link. thanks for sharing. hope you will consider getting polymer plates made so you can letterpress with me!
    I'm working on some cards to get it my etsy shop :)

  2. ha --that's funny.. i have the yudu, but am missing some parts.. but i DID take all the pictures for the packaging -including the one of the girl you posted. ;)

  3. hi there! i stumbled upon your blog about a month ago and it is just the cutest thing! i love the vignettes you put together. thank you for the comment, it really means so much. enjoy your day!

  4. Hi there. I also stumbled upon your blog a bit ago...and have been lurking and loving it ever since. I love that printable paper like! Genius! Thanks for finding and sharing.

  5. Fantastic finds! I love that you found some great printable paper. Yudo...that sounds interesting I must check it out!

  6. The printable paper is a GREAT idea!


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