{ link love }

February 11, 2009

{ linklove }

for the link love today, i thought i'd share some really great tumblr blogs that i visit - they are filled with lots of great inspiration. i've always wanted to start a tumblr just to post random daily inspiration and findings but i haven't got around to it. so anyway, on with the inspiration!

darling dexter.
whitney also has her lovely blog here.

dream everyday.
susan has a nice photography blog here as well.

be sure to stop by thresca's flickr as well, so much inspiration!

anabella's main blog is here.

it's mary ruffle.
mary's blog is full of inspirational everyday photos here.

blissful inspiration.
of course you have heard of mrs. french's blog here.

14 hello's:

  1. mary ruffle is my pal. I love her. Isn't she amazing!?

  2. On my way to check these out. Thanks for sharing!

  3. everytime you post "link love", i always end up adding more blogs to my blogline daily blog reads! I seriously have over 50 of them!!! Keep them coming!

  4. Thank you, thank you for the link love...but, MY OH MY, I am in LOVE with your blog...wowza! Your aesthetic is perfection!

  5. Oooh, thanks for all the wonderful links! I'll definitely have to check those out!


  6. Whee! I love having more inspirational links. Thanks for that Danni!

    I also adore you little hair pins. If only my hair wasn't so fine I would wear little pins all the time. They seem to just slip out of my hair =(

  7. how random, the first photo is my desktop wallpaper

  8. I gave you a shout out on my latest blog where I posted some new ideas for packaging. These first ones were my "guinea pigs" so I plan on refining them as I go. Have a fabulous day!

  9. I also have a tumblr blog, but it has been neglected lately because I barely have time to blog, let alone make tumblr posts. ;P


  10. Oh I love tumblr and I always check out darling dexters and blissful inspiration. I will have to check out the other ones. You might like my tumblr page too. Here is the link: http://designlovely.tumblr.com/

  11. I love tumblr too! Cheers for the links, I'm off to check them out and follow them on my dashboard (as I already have around 400 feeds on my google reader, tumblr is kind of my way of "cheating").

  12. ur blog is very interesting and very inspiring.

  13. oh, thank you danni!! imagine my surprise when i saw myself on here!! your blog is so wonderful (and i love the earrings i bought from you!) and i love your aesthetic :) keep in touch! :D

  14. I just came upon your beautiful blog, and subscribed to it in my reader -- then I saw me! Thank you so much! You made my day! xo


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