( link love )

February 18, 2009

( link love )

this week's link love include some nifty little gadgets.

♥ polaroid mirror, design boom.
a unique and neat little polaroid mirror, designed by colin o'dowd. $29 bucks.

♥ plane hostel, jumbo hostel.
this is pretty cool, it's a jet hostel! only 25 rooms are available, and it's really expensive. but still a cool idea. (found via black eiffel)

♥ protect your lunch, anti-theft lunch bags.
pretty genius. (found via free people blog)

♥ get your gmail stickers, google.
you know if send a sase to google, they'll send you some awesome stickers! and who doesn't love stickers??

7 hello's:

  1. I am loving your blog! Thank you so much for visiting mine. Everything you post is lovely.

  2. How fun! Thanks for sharing. I love that little Polaroid mirror!


  3. I love the layout of your pictures! What do you use to do that?

  4. That plane seems like a GREAT idea!!

  5. I always imagined hostels to be cheap, scary and dirty. Lol, and that one is none of the above!

  6. Polaroid mirror is quite a clever idea. Love your finds!


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