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March 6, 2009

ruf⋅fle:ˈrʌfəl/ [ruhf-uhl] verb
to draw up (cloth, lace, etc.) into a ruffle by gathering along one edge.

the feature for friday is ruffles! i saved my favorite for last. i don't think i was really a fan of ruffles in the past. they always had sort of a little girl / cupcake feeling for me. or i would associate ruffles with the circus. heh. but now i love them! i want ruffle everything and anything ;) hope you've enjoyed this series!

Tissue rolling-ruffles tank, jcrew, $44

romantic textile no. 3 - necklace, dinosaurtoes, $16

Purple pleats on navy Denim Handbag, ziazia, $62

Silk-blend ruffle top, gap, $35.99

a tough ruffles pencil purse in lemon yellows, madebyhank, $20
(i had to include katie's ruffles in here as they are the very definition of ruffle!)

Lavender Pixie Flower Dress, lulus, $65
(this is so lovely! for only $65, what a steal.)

Cloud & Spectrum Shower Curtain, anthropolgie, $118
(a lovely lady blogs about her cheaper made version here.)

Metallic Linen Ruffle Wallet, urban outfitters, $28

Diego di Lucca Women's Ladonna,, $157

Movement-Of-Waves Bag, anthropologie, $158

FROU FROU, roselabiche, $69

smoke ruffle pillow, pier 1, $29.95

Midnight in the Cardigan of Good and Stylish, modcloth, $41.99

Victoriana Scarflette - Luxurious Knit Wool collar, TickledPinkKnits, $78

27 hello's:

  1. ooooooooooooooo... i love all things ruffles too. really great finds danni! off for some clicking :)

  2. Wow i love lace too I have a slight obsession I used to have all lace dresses and skirts until my daddy said NO sigh good times lol

  3. *gasp!* i love all of them!! they are all too pretty!i love love ruffles so much..because they are not too "sweetie pie" like lace, but yet so feminine in a sophisticated way. thank u so much for doing this going to spend so much time gazing at the pictures heehee.. *happy-sigh*

  4. Oh, I love the ruffles! So glad I came across your blog!

  5. i love that ruffle dress! oooo i want it!

  6. Love the lulu dress.... so pretty!

  7. Love the grey t-shirt from roselabiche, practical yet oh so classy, like your adorable blog! xx j.

  8. i loved this series and cannot pick a favourite at all. so much eye candy and great pieces, i might possibly go broke. thank you for doing this!

  9. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
    Fantastic collection Danni.

  10. That dress is a steal for 65!!

  11. This is my most favorite too. I loved this series.

  12. This is my most favorite too. I loved this series.

  13. you pick the best lists! everything here is fabulous!xo

  14. beautiful choices....
    *the jcrew ruffle tee (i have one)
    *the anthropologie shower curtain (have coveted this for a long time!)
    *the ruffle pillow is divine
    take care, sharon x

  15. these ruffles make me swoon. I thought about trying to make the top tank myself. maybe i will.

  16. That dress? MUST.HAVE.

    PS. You've won an award. Totally forgot to tell you.

  17. I just saw that yellow ruffle bag at Anthropologie and wanted it!!!! Also love the Made by Hank clutch...have to get something from her! And that Jcrew Ruffle tank is suprisingly affordable!

    -Emiko ;)

  18. I'm a fan of the ruffles as well definitely my fave too.

    Wanting to get something from Madebyhank sometime.

  19. I've loved everything you've featured in these series! Yay for pleats! And ruffles! And cut outs! Oh man, you're so bad - you are making me really want to go shopping! Oooh I want so many of the items you've linked to! They're all so adorable!

  20. Oooh, such lovely things!
    Your blog really is a gorgeous place...
    I am dreaming away...


  21. YAY! I got my necklack today! Thank you Dani! I LOVE IT! And the wrapping was so sweet, made my day darling! Thank you!

  22. Love. Love. LOVE these ruffles!! :)

  23. I love ruffels! They always make the outfit look so much fun!

    Very Cute Blog by the way!

  24. ohh, thank you for featuring this post on ruffles! I'm planning my entire spring wardrobe around them :).

    Love the blog too - keep up the great work!

  25. Love all the ruffles! Ruffles have always been a favorite of mine. Great giveaway!

  26. I have the tank from j.crew. !!!. absolutely adore it. I get comments on it every time I put it on. :) such a happy garment.

  27. This collection is truly lovely!
    That purple ruffle necklace is just fabulous :)


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