March 23, 2009

so this weekend was lovely! i finally caught up on my blog reader. i had like, 3000 unread items. it is so hard to keep up, but i love the inspiration and sometimes it is overwhelming. i really enjoyed whitney deal's contemplation post on her blog, darling dexter, last week. it really summed up my feelings and my life lately. it consists so much of spending time online, it is insane. sometimes i can be on the computer all day: blogging. looking for whatever i am obsessed with at the moment. searching for crazy hard to find things.

she ends her post with, "How do I stay connected to the online community while maintaining a somewhat unplugged lifestyle?" where is the balance? i love her suggestion, "It would probably be best to create some type of schedule where I force myself away from checking the latest updates". This is something i think could be really helpful in my life.

anyway. sorry for that random thought.

friday my mom was visiting so we went to her house for lunch to celebrate my little brother's birthday. that was nice. she was so great and picked me up some gocco supplies up north, since they are slowly fading out. i broke a plate which was exciting, ha. i'm short! i can't see if there are tiny plates above the big plates so it just came flying past my head and it was like slow motion.

weekend: the fam.

saturday we celebrated my grandpas's 83rd birthday. he's gone through a couple strokes and we are super blessed to have had another year with him. he is such a fighter, and is incredible to see him go from near death to blowing out his birthday candles. the man at 83 years old still wants to learn how to use the internet and check his email! my brother had him tell us his birthday wish and he said he wished to live to be 100. haha ;)

my great uncle jimmy was there - i've mentioned him before in another post: he's an actor - maybe you have heard of him. anyway. he was there and he was showing us some footage from a new movie he is doing. the man is 80 years old and still filming, it is incredible. so hopefully these good genes of my gpa and great uncle run in the family.

i haven't seen nicholas much because he's been having another crazy 2 weeks at work, working till midnight every night. i made him some little notes, i may post it later for you to see!

yesterday was lovely. i woke up to the rain which i decided is one of my favorite things to do, though it doesn't happen often and is obviously out of my control. but it's so great. went to church and a relationship class nick and i are doing. then the sun came out and it was nice and warm! (only in california can it start with pouring rain in the morning then be hot and sunny a couple hours later) later i was able to spend some quality time with my roommate just talking over things, since i hadn't seen her nearly all week. it was awesome.

and that's my weekend. how was yours?

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  1. Hi Danni
    Just thought I would say hi, love reading your blog.
    Love the family photo, Happy birthday to your Grandpa, My Mum's side of the family have longevity in their blood so I often wish to be 100 too.
    Your Great Uncle Jimmy is a very talented man, love his work.
    Hope your week is as nice as your weekend was.

  2. You are super lucky to have a grandpa with aspirations to live to be 100, my 87 year-old grandfather is aiming at 104, no more, no less. Your great Uncle is indeed a very talented man and I have enjoyed a lot of his voice over work and actually remember very clearly some of his roles on the television shows I have watched over the years. Lucky you to have such a fantastic family!
    I am glad you had such a good weekend, mine was mostly filled with attempting to begin a garden and fixing things around the hosue getting ready for Spring and Summer to come along. : )

  3. thats why I love the new feature from google reader that turns off how many "unread" items you have.

    I love that feature so much. I used to be scared when I opened my reader and saw 1000 unread items. I would feel like it was a chore to get though it!

    Now, without the numbers, I just get to them when I get to them!!



  4. waking up to the rain is always lovely....wish we did it here more in Texas. Today is a crisp day in every sense of the word - have to touch the doorknobs with the back of my hand to keep from getting shocked....:)

  5. hi danni,
    i just love coming over to your blog.
    everything here is so pretty!
    i love your layout, love your writings, love your style.
    it all makes me feel so good!
    thanks for the prettiness.

  6. i knew i recognize that man on the right! lol..he's cool..i remember him from seinfeld!


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  8. your family is so sweet to get together for your great granpa* :)

  9. I'm a pretty new visitor of your blog, but because of you, I borrowed from the library the children's book that inspired you to make the cool handmade book. I'm thinking of making one for my sister for her wedding in October. I should start collecting ideas!

    I also wanted to say that I will always think of your Great Uncle Jimmy as Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China. I watched that movie so many times as a kid. :) Thanks for sharing your family with us! I'm impressed your g-pa wants to be tech-savvy. My g-parents don't even have computers. :)


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