April 3, 2009

new blog feature: hello friends! i receive quite a few emails with requests to post links and announcements so I thought I'd start a classifieds section! if you started up a new shop, have a sale or giveaway going on, have an event you'd like to share with the readers: all these things will be posted in classifieds!


+ amy has a lovely feature called "inspired image" where she features a photo and small interview of someone. see mine this week! her blog, things we make, is full of inspiration.

+ thanks to emily of wide open spaces for mentioning my blog! she has a great blog full of pretty things to see.


+ Brainstorm Print and Design: Giveaway at twenty2wo blog, for a pair of amazing butterfly screen prints.

+ Free Wedding Photography: Edyta Szyszlo Photography is giving away a Complimentary Wedding Photography Package! See her blog for details.

+ Stationery Giveaway: at Oh So Beautiful Paper! Enter to win your favorite card + noteset from Two Brunettes.


+ Hemming & Willström: designers Greta Muuri and Isla Myllys have designed wallets from reclaimed cassette tapes. Check out their line here!

+ Lucia Organic Soaps: organic soaps in the loveliest packaging you ever did see, from! Great for mothers day!

if you have an announcement, a giveaway, or a sale going on and you'd like to share with other readers, email me with the subject "classifieds" and i'll post it to the weekly classifieds, posted every Friday. Please let your announcement pertain to these subjects and topics.

4 hello's:

  1. Such a great new feature! Thanks for all the wonderful content!

  2. hi danni, thanks so much for picking up on the giveaway over at twenty2wo blog. you have a wonderful site here, keep up the great work!

  3. I love the new feature! n_n

  4. loving the Lucia packaging design. nice and simple :)


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