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April 20, 2009

hi friends! happy monday! sorry this is so late, i'll post proptly this week and post updates on projects and the last week's show in san diego! have a lovely week!


inspired by: lovely.
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a week at my table, lobster and swan. +

i want curls like this. +
(via homegrown)

lovely white frame art. +

Egg Carton Flower Lights tutorial from apartment therapy. +
( via free people blog )

bespoke press. +
( via desire to inspire )

daily portraits by mary ruffle, at pretty good. +

lisa solomon illustration. +

forty sixth at grace +

pretty corner by dawbis. +

paper is lovely. +

i want these homemade marshmallows from whimsy and spice. +

lacoste summer collection. +
( via olivet )

macarons by jordan ferney in these most lovely dishes. +

15 hello's:

  1. what a truly lovely blogpost - these images really made my morning!

  2. wow, you did pick some lovely photos. loving that art wall (and i'm envious of the long curly hair too!)

  3. I adore that white frame wall. Nice picks!

  4. I can't believe those lights were made with egg cartons...amazing!

  5. Oooooo i want curls like that too!

  6. I second that emotion concerning the curls.

  7. oh man I would love curls like that, those are the curls I describe when I say I want curls

  8. Thank you for the love! :)

    I adore the macarons. I almost want to make them just to take a picture of them! So pretty!

  9. such lovelies. You always have such beautiful finds.

  10. Love the curls and the frame wall. :)

  11. i'm not into lacoste (polo's? yugh) but the girly skirts and dresses looks alright to me.
    btw- love your blog. hope you'd like to visit mine some time :)

  12. Hi Danni!

    I always like visiting your blog... it's so sweet and pastel-y and refreshing... hint of childhood innocence... i just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work! Oh! Last week at UCSD's Project Trashion event, I saw your items being auctioned! I was so excited to see your products in person and they looked so lovely!


  13. white frame art = great idea for future gifts <3

  14. hey! i met you at unique la! you were talking to my friend amy (from high school, and you guys knew the same people). your booth looked so familiar, but now it clicks! i wish i would have taken a photo with you or something, lol! this is one of my favorite blogs!


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