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May 15, 2009

( lovely goods )

so back in february i did a lovely goods post that featured a few etsy shops that hadn't made a sale yet. today, all 6 shops featured have not yet had a sale.

like yesterday for gabrielle's photographs, i used etsy's pounce feature to find these shops! it is super fun to look through all the new shops on etsy. i must have clicked through 50 pages or so. anyway, take some time to check out and support these new artists!

Between Summer and Winter 8x10 photograph by nepheliad, $25
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Coasters by Addalittlegreen, $12
Red n White Paper Roll Beads Necklace by TheGalWhoSoldTora, $15
tulip earring by ChristianesJewelry, $89
pocket dress by RiordanRoache, $125
Large Leather Messenger Bag by snootsie, $260

13 hello's:

  1. what a nice thing to do! :)
    i'm sure these people will appreciate this. :)
    i'll try to check them out. :)
    lovee your blog by the way. its gorgeous! :)

  2. I just ordered the coasters and matching trivet. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your great finds.

  3. lovely great of you to feature new shops

  4. I LOVE those earrings! They are too perfect for words...

  5. i do love those earings....

  6. This is wonderful!! I love that necklace...!!

  7. The bamboo coasters are lovely. Perhaps they will get a sale today!

  8. that bag is fantastic. the perfect slouchy-cool.

  9. These are lovely finds. I adore your blog and we have an award on ours just for you :)
    Have a great weekend.

  10. That is such a great idea!! Those are such great finds! I will definitely have to check out those shops =)

  11. Definitely lovely and I think that is so great to post more new artists! I am off to get lost on etsy. Number 1 is my favorite! Have a great weekend!

  12. that is a really nice idea, I made a treasury once with etsy sellers that have never been on the front page. I know the excitement!!


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