May 28, 2009

hello friends!
i'm sorry for such the delay in my post! i've been so busy getting the new blog layout ready for next week, i haven't had a lot of time to do anything else. so it's nearly a new weekend but i just wanted to catch up on last weekend! my brother's and nick and i drove up to san jose for my cousin's graduation. we got to spend some time at my mom's new house, which is just lovely. i found out she had a cherry tree which i was super excited about. we got to pick lots and lots of cherries! here's a view of her back yard! yep, her backyard has a lake. i want a lake in my backyard! and lots and lots of fruit trees ;)

backyard: moms house.

cherry tree.

then on monday nick and i went to disneyland! it was super busy. probably wouldn't suggest going on a holiday ;) we saw the aladdin show, i had nick take the 'disney character' test - he turned out to be jafar! haha. (first image you see, were in the storybook!) and in the second picture, i am next to the indian man holding pineapple whip which is so very good on a hot day.


so disneyland also has a 1 cent machine and you can watch a little flip book animation. so i thought i'd bring you all a little something from disneyland. (sorry some of the pages get all bunched up, i'm sure the machine is pretty old.) hope you can kind of make it out :)

6 hello's:

  1. yay, i just found your blog + etsy page and just bought two things from it! =)

    i'll have to follow your blog b/c i love your stuff.

    take care!

  2. Oh my gosh DOLE WHIP = amazing. They sell it in pineapple-raspberry at the Minnesota State Fair...so good!!

  3. that 1 cent entertainment is so very cute!
    i found myself distracted by the music. very catchy!
    your mum's backyard view is to die for. a glass of ice tea and some good company!


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