( happy friday )

July 31, 2009

( happy friday )

hurray for friday! i'm packed this weekend, what about you? tonight i'm seeing pagent of the masters with some friends -- which is this seriously cool show where real people pose as if they were a painting, but it totally looks like a painting, not real people! it's legit :) what are you doing this weekend?

well here are some cool links for you to check out!

summer social sale
so abby from abby trys again had a summer social in portland and now has a shop up with all the lovely things you can buy! check it out.

gocco faq
ellie from mint has posted some gocco q&a for anyone interested in a gocco. it's super helpful! you can also leave questions for her as well!

giveaway at old sweet song
present time! ;) amy is giving away a set of hair pins from oh, hello friend. check out her lovely blog and enter.

weeks best
lots of inspiration, rachel posts the 'weeks best' summary: and i love looking through her archives and seeing what else she has found.. the girl's got great taste!

discovery project
okay get ready for some serious inspiration. azzari from gabrielle kai is doing a discover project, documenting her life in photos in 2009. how amazing is that? i would totally do something like this but my photos would be nowhere as legit as these. one amazing photo a day?! check out the project for lots of inspiration.

The Retrieval Project
a family just trying to get by, their things are left in minnesota and they don't have enough money to get it back. jenny and her husband joe are doing a retrival project, starting august 1: selling 50 pieces of artwork. amazing! be sure to check it out and support these fellow artists.

okay friends. see you next week for customer appreciation week!

13 hello's:

  1. I love Rachel's selections of photos every Friday, too :)
    I am off to check the other blogs, thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend! xo

  2. i gotta check out this pageant of the masters thing. Don't they do stuff with theatre too?

  3. I totally remember Pageant of the Masters from Arrested Development!

  4. Thanks for adding my blog to your list! I am glad you like them! :) I am off to check these others out. Have a great weekend!!

  5. That Pageant of the Masters thing sounds AWESOME! Take lotsa pics (if they allow that).

  6. danni! loved chitter chattering last night. it was so much fun. thanks for organizing everything with the other girls! 'twas truly epic.

    p.s. the cupcakes are MIGHTY ADORABLE!!!!

  7. beautiful as always! i wanted to let you know that on sunday, august 2nd, I will begin the giveaway with your treasures! thanks again danni, you're the best! :)

  8. Rachel is Great! :) And about the other things..that with the project is wonderful!
    Have a sunny,smily weekend:)

  9. great things as always!

    I have been to something similar here called living gallery where pieces of art are real people....it is amazing.....have fun!

    happy weekend! xo

  10. wow... gabrielle kai's discover project is absolutely beautiful.

    beautiful beautiful beautiful.

    thank you for sharing!

    - lauren xoxo


  11. fantastic thanks for sharing!! :-) xo

  12. the retrieval project is awesome.


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