weekend giveaways:

July 3, 2009

weekend giveaway:

hello friends! happy friday. i thought i'd let you know about some lovely giveaways happening at some other blogs. so if you're feeling lucky or you just are lucky (like my friend jessicajane who won 2 giveaways in 1 day the other day!) maybe enter these over the long weekend.

1. loveology giveaway, from mila. have you been to mila's blog? it is just the loveliest. anyway, she is giving away all sorts of amazing goods that she has handmade! you have till july 5th to fill our her questionare and enter.

2. piggy in the puddle giveaway, from lindsey. i met lindsey at a bloggers lunch, it was so fun! she is the sweetest. anyway, to celebrate her 100th post, she is giving away this amazing mini Harmonica Pendant. comment to enter, ends july 8th.

3. modish giveaway, from jena. wow, win earrings and a beautiful necklace from Jorgensen Studio! giveaway ends jult 8th.

4. mi spa giveaway. $300 worth in prizes, goodness! this is the mother load of prizes!

and of course, don't forget to enter the polarity giveaway
right here on oh, hello friend! it ends monday, july 6.

4 hello's:

  1. How exciting!
    Thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. Woo! So many gorgeous items!
    On my way..

  3. I will keep my fingers crossed! I am also having a vintage giveaway, it ends July 13th.

  4. wow thanks for sharing!~ everything is SO~ pretty!


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