customer appreciation week:

August 3, 2009

welcome to customer appreciation week! the inspiration from this came from found paper co - who had her customer appreciation week last week. i just really loved the idea of giving back to everyone who has helped make my shop/blog what it is today.

i guess you could say it can be reader appreciation week as well - if you're a reader, of this blog: thank you! last week marked the one year date since i sold my first item ever on etsy! so thanks to all the friends who have supported my shop, blogged about the shop, or read this blog. this week we're doing lots of giveaways + specials.

here are all the happenings of customer appreciation week:

( free gift with every purchase over $15! )
every purchase $15 or more (including shipping!)
will receive a free gift pack!
enter code "freegift" in message to seller
at checkout to receive!

( daily deal for readers )
limited to only 15 a day, so get yours while supplies last!

( giveaway every day here at oh, hello friend. )
your chance to win lots of stuff from the shop.
giveaways will remain open all week.

( 10% discount all during customer appreciation week! )
Simply place your order on etsy, and pay and I will refund
you the 10% via paypal. You can also email me your order
too. Enter code "customerapprec" at checkout in the
message to seller box to receive your discount.

Codes can be combined! So use "freegift" if your order is
more than $15 and "customerapprec" for 10% off :)

11 hello's:

  1. What an amazing idea, Danni! I guess I'll have to keep my eyes out for the giveaways, won't I?


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  3. That is so sweet of you! We all sure do feel appreciated!

  4. Hello!
    I gave my cute kitty Tibbles a bath :)


  5. Hi Danni! It took me a little while to stop by, and I sure have been here before, it was even bookmarked! It was so nice meeting you last week, and I can't believe I met a fellow AI-er with, lets just say, the same view point!

    See you around the blog world... and hopefully in person again!

    ~Monica (

  6. So nice! I'm off to peek around the shop!

  7. I love everything in your shop and can't wait til I can afford to have something posted out to NZ; it sucks being so far away! :)

  8. Oh, hello ...!
    I started creating my own blog and listed you in my fave blogs ;)

    Thanks for beeing so cute and creative.

  9. Saw your work on Mint this morning! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Your blog is lovely!

  10. well, bummer I bought last week! not that I regret that, maybe I'll just have to buy something again this week :)

  11. Hi Danni! Love your blog and your shop. This week I went to our neighborhood National Night Out event. It was fun to hang out with all our neighbors, eat snowcones and watch the kids having fun. Gotta love summer evenings (and snowcones!)



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