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August 14, 2009

lol. i can't decide whether i like "happy friday" or "weekly roundup" for this ;)

HAPPY FRIDAY! What are your weekend plans? My weekend is packed! A bridal shower for my cousin, wedding for my friend that I've known since 3rd grade, & a birthday party!

Well, here are some lovely links for you to look through over your weekends:

1) Darling Dexter - Head on over to Whitney's blog: it is her 2 year blog birthday and she's doing an "A to Z" post going through the entire alphabet bringing up posts from the archive, and believe me, they are amazing! well, cause she blogs about such amazing things ;) how creative is that?! I am loving it.

2) A Field Journal: Craft Closet - Livy has finished her craft closet, and all under $150!! how does she make her things SO pretty?! check it out for some lovely inspiration.

3) Jet Blue: All you can Jet, $599 - OKAY, FOR REAL: does someone want to do this with me?! I am seriously considering buying this, lol. It works for unlimited travel from September - October, you can go ANYWHERE! (that jet blue flies to) How fun would that be?? We can hit up Seattle, New York, Portland, Chicago, Boston - the list is endless. I wonder how much you could really travel in a month. I guess if you stayed in each place a week, 4 cities? Totally worth it!! :)

4) Raenovate - this garage makeover is so great, I wish I could make my garage into this! and this is a lovely new blog you should check out.

5) Polapremium: Share the Love II Film - Who says polaroid film is gone? This company offers old film for those cameras that are just sitting on your shelf. My dear friend ruby sent me this originally, but it sold out last time. Well I just got an email that they're offering "Rare, crispy Polaroid 779 Film" which is compatible with Polaroid 600 cameras as well! Only $15.50, you can buy up to 5 packs and they ship worldwide! Have fun! ( PS: I can send you a 'share the love' email which will allow you to purchase the film at only $11.50 a pack! Just email me! )

Have a lovely weekend, dear friends.

12 hello's:

  1. OH MY GOSH! That flight deal is crazy! If you ever make it out to Seattle you can stay with me :)
    We could go visit art museums and drink coffee to our hearts content! I love my city :)

  2. I absolutely love that craft closet! What great inspiration!!

    This weekend I get to move to school. What a joy...

  3. I am officially subscribed to a zillion new bloggies thanks to you! *meep!*

  4. Thanks for the links! I absolutely love Darling Dexter, and that Jet Blue deal seems way too good to pass up.

  5. Jet Blue is no joke!!
    My mom works for Delta so the hubs and I get great deals, but geez, that is awesome!

    Have a great weekend, Danni!
    I'll be right with ya with bridal/baby showers, and friends coming town..Whew! When did life get this busy?

  6. looks like you're going to have a lot of fun this weekend! :)
    thanks so much for the links, I saw the JetBlue offer on your twitter and it sounds really awesome! Unfortunately it is only for the US.

    I've wanted to get a polaroid camera for so long, I guess that I should finally get one since you can find film easier now :)

    have a fabulous weekend! xo

  7. Oh that Jet Blue deal is AWESOME! I can't wait to show B when he gets home.

  8. if i didn't have two kids... i would totally do the jet blue thing!

    yes, i got the email of the new stock and i bought some more! i am so excited. i am stocking up as much as i can!

    happy weekend!

  9. Great post! My dad saw the flight offer on the news and totally wanted to do it. It would be awesome! Also, I have been trying to find some Polaroid film because I think that would be really fun, so thanks for the link!

  10. If you make it up to Seattle, I'd love to meet up with you for an ice cream cone!

  11. Hi Danni,
    I only just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I think it's just lovely! I LOVE graphic design and photography and I just find your blog a very uplifting place that makes me smile. I just wanted to say hello...

  12. Thats such an amazing deal..I'd love to visit the west coast!!


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