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September 1, 2009


such inspiration!
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favorite summer things by mrs. french +


Melissa.Photography: if you don't believe +

cakies: sweet collections +

Sunday Evening in The Prado +
( via dream everyday )

leila chee: but we all turn out fine. +


Little Lamb and Spools: lifelovepaper. +

4 years: paper schmaper +
( via mary ruffle )

{manda} +
( via audrey hepburn complex )

above the clouds +

Dance the night away: Lickapella. +

8 hello's:

  1. I just love these images, Danni. I could sit and look at them for a long time. :) Thanks for the daily inspiration on Oh Hello Friend. xo

  2. The sweetest picks =) Loved browsing them!

  3. Beautiful post! I really like the quote and the photo with the balloons.

  4. these are so pretty! I'm gonna make them my screensavers! lol :)

  5. ooooh I am so happy! These are THE CUTENESS!!!!! I love the picture above the clouds, that's an unusual perspective!

  6. beautiful photos! love the guitar, the keys, the balloons!


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