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October 16, 2009

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yesterday evening i went to a lovely cupcake + champagne social at urbanic paper. so many lovely friends were there, but the main reason everyone really gathered together was to meet joy from oh joy!

urbanic is owned by audrey (she blogs at parcel post) and her husband, joshua and they are just the best. audrey is one of the most sincere and genuine people ever and i love blogging because if it weren't for blogging, i may never have met her!

my brother and i brought a photo booth (did i tell you we are starting a photo booth business?) so that was lots of fun.

meeting joy was so cool, i was all 'starstruck' ;) i mean, it's like seriously meeting a celeb! she has achieved such success that so many of us designers and bloggers hope to achieve and she is so inspirational. i even got to snap some pictures in the photo booth with her and audrey, which was awesome!

amanda (from 100 layer cake) was also there and she is also such a sweet and genuine person. some other dear friends that were in attendance: annie (yolksy), margaret (paper pastries), monica (our designed life), and myra (double sided tape). i think another really-cool-moment was meeting max wagner and his lovely fiancee. yep, that's right. he was there photographing the event. i am such an admirer of his work so it was neat to actually meet him.

i'm posting some #ff twitter links today here ;) event was at @urbanic. celebrating @ohjoystudio. cupcakes were by @frostedtweets. photographs were by @maxwagner. flowers were by @jl_designs. and photo booth: @photobooth_love.

so here are some images i managed to get of the event! i didn't even get any pics of the cupcakes though.. but i did get to take some home! ;)

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urbanic: photo booth!

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these 2 images are from the store front.
isn't is so charming? it is hard to make it through
without buying something!

urbanic: friends (2)
annie, joy, monica, my older bro (not the same age as me as audrey thought, haha) and the best boyfriend ever, nicholas! he came all the way down after work even though he had some serious laundry to do. (we're talking, a good 4 loads minimum)

fun times.

12 hello's:

  1. oh my gosh! that looks like the most wonderful time!!

  2. Great seeing you last night! Next time your out here, or Im in OC, we have got to grab a coffee!

  3. Great seeing you last night! Next time your out here, or Im in OC, we have got to grab a coffee!

  4. that sounds/looks so great!

    will you tell us more about your photobooth?! i love love love photobooths. :)

  5. Bubbles, cupcakes and lovely paper products??? Oh my.

  6. this looks really great! lovely people and a lovely place :)

    have a wonderful weekend, dear! xo

  7. hello! i definitely got a cupcake...thanks Danni:-) It was sooo good seeing you, sorry I ran so quickly! I totally want to have coffee with you and Monica (who I can't believe I met, but didn't meet!) Let's do it! Have a great weekend.

  8. yay!! so glad i got to see you! i LOVE your work! hope to see you again soon! xoxox, c

  9. Oh Joy's line was great to see in person, its gorgeous, and the party was just an added bonus.

  10. Sounds like fun, Danni! You and your boyfriend make a cute couple. :)

  11. You... You... you met Max Wanger? OH MY GOD. I am a HUGE fan. He's taking my wedding pics, I'm already convinced.


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