votive candle diy:

November 19, 2009

Lace tealight: a quick + easy valentine gift.

here's a sweet valentine diy for you, or really an any occasion diy :) I was lighting some tealight candles the other night and thought about this fun + quick inexpensive gift using general craft items you may already have around the house.

Items needed:

- Clear votive holders (michaels: $1)
- Tealight candles
- Modge Podge
- Brush for glue
- Lace doilies
- Small box of matches
- Various sheets of patterned paper
- Ribbon/twine
- Printable PDF tags

1) Cut paper to fit size of the votive holder. spread modge podge
evenly on candle holder and wrap paper evenly around.

2) Modgepodge lace doily over paper on votive holder.

3) Cut a small piece of paper that will wrap around the

matchbox. Use modgepodge glue to wrap the matchbox.

5) Insert votive into candle, place matchbox on top & tie both
items together with ribbon or twine. Don’t forget to attach the gift tag!

An alternative idea is to build your own slightly-larger matchbox that fits the candle inside it, sort of like a little kit :) Use this pdf template to build a larger 3″ x .75″ matchbox. Inside, I placed the candle and wrapped five or six matches with baker’s twine, but you can include whatever other little surprises in your matchbox! I decorated with paper lace and fabric butterfies (martha stewart: michaels)

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  1. oh, how i miss your blog :)

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  3. Oh thanks for sharing! Going to go check it out right now...

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