happy friday:

December 18, 2009

image by simply hue.

happy friday! just 1 short week till christmas, didn't it come so quickly? last weekend to get everything done! so here are some links for your weekend!

1) felt polaroid christmas ornament from katie cupcake -
a great last minute gift idea :)

2) mega gift making guide from just something i made -
Cathe has the most amazing blog. she has created a whole gift guide
with tutorials of items she has made. lots of great ideas!

3) matchbox countdown advent calendar from sweet paul -
i posted this image on tuesday but i just love this idea. since the countdown
to christmas has already begun, maybe you can just make this as a fun
gift for someone with little surprises inside.

have a lovely weekend friends.

also, if you're in san francisco this weekend: stop by the renegade craft fair! i'll have these little boxes of cheer + joy for sale, along with lots of mini cake stands and pocket watch necklaces :) over 150 vendors and it's free!

23 hello's:

  1. What a cute idea for a advent calendar! I have to keep that in mind for next year! ;)

    Have a lovely Christmas season! I can't believe it's almost end of the year...again! ;)


  2. What lovely goodies, and those Holiday Cheer gable boxes look so cute!

  3. great ideas! have a great weekend! xx.

  4. follow my blog & ill follow yours
    100% guarantee!


  5. wish i could be in san fran this weekend! :(

  6. I wish I could come to that:)
    Will you be sharing your christmas wrapping? I would love to see :)

    have a lovely weekend, dear! xo

  7. wonderful ideas! i'm not ready yet, so this really helps me out...thanks!

  8. love the bike pic....
    happy weekend to you!!

  9. so stoked for renegade!

    see you there danni dear! :)


  10. hello :)
    i completely love ur blog

    take care xxx

  11. Than

    ks for posting my photo, Danni. :) Sounds like you have some fun holiday plans! You're a sweetheart and you are soooo appreciated and valued in the blogosphere. xo!

  12. Thanks for the lead to Just Something I Made. What a beautiful and useful site!

  13. so so super cute!! the keys are so lovely!

  14. I made a very similar advent calendar for an ex a few years ago (mine wasn't stacked in that shape though!). He loved it more than his actual present I think!

  15. i'm in love with your blog, it's adorable! i especially love that felt polaroid ornament idea. and if only i lived in california again, i would definitely visit the craft fair. :)

  16. i love, love the advent calendar matchbox idea! thank u for the links:D have a great weekend!


  17. I love the little felt polaroid ! I already seen it, but didn't have time to make it.
    If you're looking for some DIY last minute gifts, I have some on my blog !

    Have a nice week !

  18. Love the first picture :D

    And the matchbox countdown advent calendar is really cool :)

  19. oh no! you were at Renegade and I missed you! How could that happen? I was there on Sunday helping Mati Rose (matirose.com) at her booth. I'm sad I didn't see you. I would have scooped one of your boxes right up! I hope it went well for you.

  20. Love the photo by Simply Hue! And isn't that advent calendar the sweetest? *Happy Holidays*! xo.

  21. OH MY GOD matchbox advent calendar! I am obsessed with advent calendars and that is the cutest.


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