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February 10, 2010

hi friends! i am so excited to share with you my blog-it-forward post today. sweet victoria at sf girl by bay started the most fabulous 'blogger mashup' which is such a fun way to get our blog community together.

the question starting the first ever blog-it-forward is "what inspires you personally?" and there are 10 other blogs are posting what inspires them today as well. (be sure to check it out!) then tomorrow, another blog will post and the next day, another blog will post and so on. it's all here in the schedule. there are about 300 blogs participating so you may see it going around the blog community ;)

so when i sat down to think about what inspires me, here are the top 5 things that came to mind: (thought i'd make a little graphic using some of my favorite fonts, which also inspire me, hehe)

italy. image by simply bloom photography

i have always, and will always love to travel. traveling to another state or another country: there is always a journey to be found. i think the thing i love about traveling is that you get to go somewhere beyond what you're used to. traveling reminds me that there is a whole world that exists beyond what i'm used to and my everyday suburban life.

honduras. image by brandon kidd

venice: where i want to go for my honeymoon.
image by RachaelMc

rwanda. image by living water

saigon. image by kindsir
i've been here and the motorcycles are insane!
in a good way. it's just such a neat culture.

Dusty Sunset by Philipp Klinger

i can never get tired of looking at images or taking images of the sky..... it is full of such beauty- a simple and natural beauty. sunsets, clouds, the vast blue color reminds me of a Creator.

Brooklyn Bridge Sunset by Philipp Klinger
(all philipp's photos are amazing!)

heaven's tree by bitzi

wonderful day as bright as a day has ever been by neloqua

{pure} by jessica.paige


i am inspired by design: of all forms. but my emphasis in school was graphic + visual design so it definitely holds a special place in my heart ;) here are some designers i love:
artwork by aprile elcich
i love designing using found papers in art and aprile does it with perfection.

anthropologie tags by dan gneiding
oh goodness. tag design, be still my heart. you ever wonder who designs all the lovely tags on anthropologie + urban clothing? this guy! his work is amazing. seriously my dream job.

fabien's work is amazing. and he runs a fabulous design blog here: just full of inspriation.

a good business card design always gets me. (image from daily poetics)


blogs. who isn't inspired by them. and just the whole blog community in general. i honestly never even thought of where i would be once i started oh, hello friend a couple years ago. i've made a few good friends in real life and the blogging community is so amazing and supportive. so here are some of my all-time favorites that never cease to inspire.

- sfgirlbybay: been following victoria's blog for a while now and it was so amazing to meet her in real life at alt, she is just as sweet as her blog in real life.
- decor8: holly always has fresh new content and is such a dear.
- darling dexter: whitney is my hero: she has pursued all forms of design from photography to fashion - many things i would love to do myself!
- mint: ellie blogs about all aspects of design and her content is always inspiring. (especially love her personal works!)
- ruthi auda: ruthi has a super fun job at hurley (thanks for letting me know friends!) and has worked at anthropologie in the past. her blog + design is ever so lovely.

vintage laundry by gingerlillytea

well, needless to say: photographs are the soul and essence of inspiration. without photographs, where would we be? i love how photographs tell stories, document life, evoke emotion.

A spring gathering by IrenaS

soul valentina by Christian Cruz
(my friend ruby's beautiful baby girl. love her sweet face captured in this shot)

love the emotion captured in this image by max wagner

and for tomorrow, i forward it on to the lovely mixed plate blog!
be sure to follow tomorrow as they continue this mashup :)

that's it for my first blog it forward! the whole mash-up schedule can be seen here. be sure to check out the 9 other lovely blogs who are posting their inspiration today as well:

creature comforts | hula seventy | paper pony | design for mankind | ink on my fingers | poppytalk | heart fish | sfgirlbybay | smile and wave

(and thanks for victoria from sfgirlbybay for putting this whole thing together!)

46 hello's:

  1. hello!
    thanks to great "blog it forward" project for giving us the opportunity to discover some grat blogs like yours.
    so inpiring!

  2. I hadn't really considered just how inspiring travel is until I saw it on your blog. It's so important, isn't it? Your photo of that hilltop in Italy reminded me of Greece, and how the centers of old villages are always on hilltops. So beautiful.

    Sweetfern Handmade

  3. wow, danni!! so much visual eye candy! i love your post, and the incredible images and thoughts you shared. thank you so much, and it was so nice to meet you at alt and see your blog up on the big screen...and then see you blush. :)

    i look forward to so much more inspiration from you. xoxo

  4. Wow! What a treat your post was to read Danni! Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us all (and for including my blog amongst such loveliness *blush*)!
    xo Ez

    Creature Comforts Blog

  5. Oh Danni...I've always loved you but now I'm obsessed with you for finally answering my question...who designs stuff for Anthropologie!!!!!!!!!! Now if you could just get me in touch with their window display department, that'd be great!

  6. Very inspiring - beautiful pics!

  7. I absolutely love the mashup, great idea, cant wait to read everyone's thoughts. Love your inspiration list, very inspiring for all of us, and the images are... GORGEOUS!

  8. this is a lovely post (and the fonts are beautiful, i agree)! thanks for the blog links, i'll check out the ones i' didn't know about.

    ps. i know the source of one of the photos in your inspire:lovely post from tuesday february 2! (i posted the answer there)

  9. beautiful photos..amazing inspiration.

    so nice finding your blog on blog it forward.


  10. Hi danni! how fun that you know ruthi! one thing though- she doesn't work at anthro anymore. she works for hurley now. :]

  11. This is such a great post! What are the fonts names? They are equally as inspiring to me also!

  12. Thanks for sharing a little bit about you! this is so fun, and wonderful photos you picked!!


  13. Lovely images! And I am inspired by all these things too! Yay!

  14. WOW! WOW! WOW! Your post is amazing! What stunning imagery... and combined with the beautiful typography... it's like a little slice of heaven! Thank you for sharing your lovely inspirations... your post in and of itself is truly inspiring.

  15. My heart is thumping over this post for BIF from the Simply Bloom photo of Italy (ohmyohmyohmy) to those gorgeous smiling children in Rwanda to the "BLOG" photo to learning about Dan Gneiding...oh boy oh boy what a great post. :)

  16. This is such a lovely idea.
    You have done an exellent word, like always, I love your use of pictures and how you use them together :)

  17. danni, this post is absolutely beautiful and inspiring!!! all those that that inspire you are the same for me. those are such beautiful fonts you used for those words too. i hope to one day update my new blog with pretty fonts! this is a great blog it forward danni... GREAT IMAGES!!!!!

  18. love this post danni! such great images - im so impressed! love to see where you get your inspiration.

  19. Hello!

    I'm Hijiri from Heart Fish :) I looove your post, so inspirational!

    The Brooklyn Bridge Sunset photo is amazing! Thank you for sharing!!

  20. Loved reading what inspires you personally today. Too bad I was too late in signing up for this.

  21. so lovely, every item on the list. xo

  22. Little Soul! I love the Bratcher family. Beautiful post!

  23. Hi Danni!

    Been following your blog for a while now and love it! That first photo under your photgraphy is amazing! Inspiration manifest!


    Marie Khediguian, Designer & Founder
    MarKHed Design

  24. i loved reading your blogging forward...the visual images were an extra i have even more beautiful blogs to follow> THANKS :)

  25. i loved all of those photos you posted, so beautiful! i also think its crazy that one you posted was from living water international. a group of my friends actually raised enough funds and went to peru after christmas and built 3 wells with the organization!

  26. what an awesome idea! i can't wait to read the other blogs. :)

    ps. what fonts did you use for your graphic?

  27. Danni,
    What a wonderful post and blog! I'm so glad I found you and your beautiful inspiration. (Thank you blog if forward!!) :)

  28. Makes me want to hop on a plane and travel. Love all your finds on this post and every other that you do. Thanks for being an inspiration!

    **Love Ruthi Auda's blog too! I'm pretty sure she at Hurley instead of Anthropologie though. Still making lovely displays!

  29. these are some of the most gorgeous travel photos i've ever seen.

  30. beautiful kick off to the blog it forward event. lovely post!

  31. Your picture of Honduras surprised me. That's where I'm from; so few people get to see it's beauty, thanks!

  32. ugh those travel pictures make me want to get in the car, show up at the airport, and just pick a place on the screen to go to!!!

  33. Danni, I've been following the smash up and I just wanted to say your post was wonderful! Very inspiring layout and images :) Thanks!
    And while your travel and sunset pictures really make me with I could grab my passport and head to the airport, they also make me super excited for our 3 day weekend at the coast. I'm more likely to see storms than the sunset, but hey, it still sounds wonderful.

  34. These are all so inspiring! I love them! Also, for more inspiration, thought I'd share a giveaway on my blog:

    Last day to enter is Sunday. A beautiful crafter is giving away a beautiful prize :)

  35. love it all, thanks so much for the other blogs: LOVE!

    miss you dear.
    let me know if you're happy...


  36. gorgeous blog entry. very inspiring!

  37. this was especially inspiring! loved seeing what inspires you! xoxo

  38. Hi,
    my name is Sarah, I am an Italian girl. I have just discovered your blog, but I already love! Congratulations, there are some great pictures! I love the style shabby, I love you madly everything shabby!

    See you soon:)


  39. Wow, I could stay here quite a while viewing your beautiful images and links to other blogs. I'm so glad I ended up here this fun!

  40. Once again, your immages are plenty of sensitivity. Un beso.

  41. Loved seeing what inspires you! Your friend Ruby's little girl photo is so adorable!!

  42. Beautiful Inspirations!
    I also collect Anthropologie Tags. So adorable

  43. Hiya,
    If you want to go to Venice, well it's so lovely! I'd recommend going in the Easter time as in the summer time it is so hot (and smelly). I'd also recommend the Hotel Alle Guglie, we stayed there and it was lovely (great breakfasts!), definitely worth going for the more expensive rooms! And don't worry too much about maps, you will get pleasantly lost :) xxx

  44. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. your "inspired by" posts never fail to brighten my day, thank you (:

  45. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. your "inspired by" posts never fail to brighten my day, thank you (:


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