factory 20:

February 3, 2010

i wish i had a million dollars to buy everything from factory 20. i featured some vintage cabinets from this site last week but i thought i'd post about it again cause i'm just smitten. so many treasures and antiques to explore. (before proceeding, you should have lots of time to spend looking through their site! hehe) here are some of my favorites. found this site via cafe cartolina. if you live in Sterling, VA you are lucky lucky because you can visit their showroom!

19th Century Tailors Work Bench Table

industrial printers cabinet

industrial art metal trash can

Large Italian neoGothic Mirror

1900s Valley Cabin Worn Oil Painting

vintage school chalkboard.

Vintage White Dress Form, 1940's

Small Cast Iron Vintage Buffalo Scale c.1903.


13 hello's:

  1. I think I could live there...

  2. Oh my goodness!! I want to go there!!
    Danni I saw your newest engagement ring and it is oh so pretty!! Lucky girl ^.^

  3. Oh dear. I think you just introduced me to a new obsession. It reminds me of the Thomas Edison Labs in NJ -- they have all this beautiful old furniture there that I want to steal and decorate a home with.

  4. Oh WOW. Can you imagine being able to pick and choose from these things? Amazing. Would all look fabulous paired with white white white.
    xo country girl

  5. I LOVE that shop too!!! i want to go there and shop.

  6. oh wow! I love the printer's cabinet!

  7. oh my gosh, this is so gorgeous! i'm going to check out their site now :)

  8. wow. im in love with your blog. you find the most beautiful lovely things. so, where do you find these things. are these in your house? or do you go to places? i am so awed by the beauty!
    loves to you!

  9. can you buy any of these things from factory 20 or is it like a museum?

  10. So much to love at Factory 20. Too bad I can't afford any of it!!

  11. So many lovely things. It looks like a real parisian flea market !

  12. Oh wow, these are so lovely! I'm so jealous of those in Sterling who can visit the showroom!


  13. They had/have me with the item on their first page! My gosh they have great items! I'm heading to a local antique store soon, and can't wait. I'm excited just thinking about it! Hopefully I can find some great items.


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