( lovely goods )

April 21, 2010

some real pretties, currently on my wishlist ;)

1) Empireh -10x10 fine art photograph by Raceytay, $30
2) One of a Kind World Globe, 1940's by CathodeBlue
note: this item is actually sold, sorry. but isn't it so cool?
3) handmade vintage pattern flats by smartfish, $115
4) Classic Rubber Stamp in Gorgeous Calligraphy by eDanae, $42
5) gold nesting by locallibrary, $52
6) Charlotte Brooch by Sumikoshop, $19

6 hello's:

  1. Yes, that globe is calling to me!!! Isn't it wonderful?!

  2. What a nice surprise this morning, thank you for including me in your beautiful collage ..... I also like your photos in the post above, you are a lovely couple!
    Thanks again I love your blog!


  3. Hello :) I know Sumiko's shop, she creates cool things ;) And yep! That globe is wonderful! :D

  4. Aw, thank you for wishing for one of my photos! I'm tickled pink.


  5. Beautiful pieces, I love that Charlotte Brooch! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Absolutely adorable collection! The Charlotte Brooch is my favourite!


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