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April 8, 2010

stumbled upon the beautiful photography of joy st claire,
her photos are oh so refreshing and pretty.
check out her blog, shop, and flickr!

12 hello's:

  1. Beautiful photography indeed!Love that magenta shade, it's so romantic! xo

  2. These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. The clock is especially lovely.

  3. I love these!! they make me instantly relax :)

  4. Hey love, its seaunicorn

    Gah your blog is amazingggg.

    I never have been one to remember blogs, keep up with them, or even know how to follow, but this week i find myself coming here everyday...

    im so inspired to work on my own blog... I have no idea how to make catergories and such, but think ill look up a tutorial :)

    Your inspire sections on work spaces, also amazed me. I printed lots of them out and took them to ikea to set up an editorial/clean/serene/calming and organizing, large space. I'm used to using a nightstand. I have zero space! But I catch some things, so now I have the ultimate work station, all inspired by your finds :)))

    All your new jewels look great.
    I have so many I need to photo for seaunicorn, but i think i put if off as i don't know where to start....

    Ok im ramblin, but just wanted to say hi, and now im off to work on my lil bloggy. and don't worry, i dont copy like some 'fleur creature' we know and don't fancy to put it midly ;)

    Much love,

  5. how gorgeous! such girly, sweet photographs!! thanks for sharing!

  6. Absolutely stunning!
    The light and colors are just breathtaking...


  7. Oh how gorgeous. Love these images!

    Happy Friday!

  8. wow, i agree, she does have beautiful photography! thx for sharing, danni. hope u enjoyed the weekend!:)



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