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May 13, 2010


faith from design fixation has really great taste when it coms to all things design! her blog is filled to the brim with lots of inspiration. she was very sweet to submit a lovely post today. follow her on twitter too! thanks for sharing with us today faith!
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After hearing about Danni's heart-wrenching news, I wanted to help in any way possible. I know that in a situation like the one that's presented itself here, sometimes you feel defeated and alone. So I have collected a visual sampling of beautiful images I feel convey a sense of hope and comfort. The creative community around us never ceases to amaze me; it's no easy task to portray an image filled with hopefulness, but what a beautiful skill to have. So please, take a moment to enjoy these images.... And tell me friends, what brings you comfort?

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  1. Gorgeous. I love all of these!

  2. these are all soo lovely! i especially love the first flower photo. i think that looking at flowers, photographing them, smelling them and OF COURSE receiving them would definitely bring me comfort when i am down.

  3. Absolutely stunning, especially the gorgeous pink flower.
    Actually, flowers bring me comfort, because they brighten up any room and living in a beautiful home makes me feel comfortable and happy.

    Also, laying in my own bed (with fresh, white sheets) comforts me and then reading the most beautiful parts of the Bible.

    Also, drinking a nice hot cup of tea or cafe au lait...

    And reading gorgeous books and magazines...

    Thanks for this beautiful post dear.
    So sweet of you.


  4. Beautiful! It's 9pm and dark outside, but that first photo made my room feel so much brighter.

  5. what a dreamy collection of images!


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