shop charm:

September 13, 2010

like i mentioned before in the contrary shop feature, i love unique jewelry. so when i stumbled upon c.h.a.r.m, i was smitten with all the cute charms! unfortunately, they are out of my budget but they are quality pieces and all 14K gold so if that's how you roll, then these are for you :)

most all their charms are functioning charms, like they have an opening fortune cookie or the slot machine that you can really pull and watch it spin! how utterly adorable.

2 hello's:

  1. these charms are sooo unique~!! love the idea of a slot machine that actually works too hehe! but yea.. a little out of my price range too. :(

  2. these are so lovely! i love the camera charm. thanks for sharing the site, i have to save up!!


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